The soul of Banaras woven onto fabric

Tilfi has just launched its signature drape – timeless sarees with the ghats of the eternal city woven on the silken fabric.


These sarees are so unique, that you would cherish yours for a lifetime as a piece of art! Never before have the ghats of the holy city been woven on fabric so beautifully.


The saree features a glorious outline of Varanasi’s Ghats, lovingly handwoven on a base of resplendent silk in Roopa Sona or Gold and Silver zari. It is incredible in its details and a mirror to the splendour of Banaras as seen from the river Ganga.
The sarees are now available on the website on a pre-order basis.


Tilfi Banaras is based out of Banaras and product the finest handwoven Banarasi sarees. They ship all over the world and their products can be ordered from their website:

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