Black magic at its best : Celebrities in black silk sarees!

Black is what most people love their kanjeevarams in. And it isn’t hard to see why – when kanjeevarams or traditional silk sarees are black, they ooze a lot more grandeur, looking a lot more maginificent and in the least – make for the best red-carpet attire. That’s probably why our actors choose to appear in black silk sarees over and over again.

Celebrities in black kanjeevarams feat

We’ve collaged a few of our favourite times that the bollywood and tollywood divas chose black silk sarees for their red-carpet appearances. Scroll on, check them out and let us know which ones stole your heart…!

Kareena’s Chanderi saree, Samantha’s Raw Mango saree and Shruti Hassan’s Mysore silk black saree are easily three of the best black sarees that our celebs wore on the red-carpet.

kareena, shruti hassan and samantha in black kanjeevarams

We also loved Anushka’s regal black and pink kanjeevaram along with Nayanathara’s saree.

nayanatara pranitha and anushka in black kanjeevarams

Vidya Balan has been one to sport the regal black kanjeevaram a whole lot of times on the red-carpet. Here’re a few of the best of them…

Vidya Balan in black kanjeevarams 3

And then there were other divas like Tabu, Jyothika and Dia Mirza who pulled off the black kanjeevaram with much grace.

Dia Mirza, Tabu and Jyoythika in black kanjeevarams

None can really beat Gaurang Shah when it comes to weaving out some beautiful kanjeevarams – even if they’re black. Tapsee sports two really lovely black kanjeevarams by Gaurang Shah.

Tapsee in Gaurang SHah black kanjeevarams



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