Skirts 5 Kinds of ethnic skirts every desi wardrobe must have!

5 Kinds of ethnic skirts every desi wardrobe must have!

Skirting up has never been more in vogue, with skirts – long & short, flowy & tight-fitted, of all makes and kinds trending like never before. If ethnic is your choice of clothing, then you can still skirt up with plenty of desi skirts that are out in the market today. Here are five ethnic skirts you must definitely own to complete your wardrobe!

1.Bandhani Skirts

Just like Bandhani sarees and salwars, Bandhani skirts can ooze desi charm and prettiness. And then, a little bit of mirror work done on them can add to all the beauty!

2. Crushed long skirts

Long crushed skirts with a thin gold border spell ethnicity like nothing else. Team it with a tank top of a sober color and it’s bound to look great!

3.Dhoti skirts

If you’re up for some experimenting, go ahead and get yourself a dhoti skirt – they’re stylish, chic and as desi as a skirt can get!

4. Traditional skirts with a thick border

Skirts with thick gold borders that resemble lehengas are all the rage of late. Get yourself one of these skirts and look like the ethnic diva that you’d like to be!

5. Wrap-around, cotton skirts

Wrap around skirts that are made out of thick and pure cotton are all around the town. In addition to all the desi-ness these skirts are loaded with, they’re super-comfy and that’s all the reasons why you should try them out.



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