10 Most Expensive Handbag Brands in The World!

We love handbags and owning the most popular expensive handbag brands is one dream that keeps us ever experimenting with the choices. Indeed, we never have enough handbags and lucky are those who can flaunt the expensive handbags.

Exclusive Expensive Handbag Brands – Love For Luxury

expensive handbag brands

In fashion world, handbags are elementary accessories to create an absolute stir and rage. Moreover, the added style quotient that handbags add to your personality is a celebrating feature for fashionistas. Available in variety of colors, designs and brands, it’s a must accessory to match with every occasion and event. And in this power dressing era, handbag is the accessory that can speak for itself. Moreover, it can convey your style, personality and status at the event or in your group.

Hence, from celebrities to stars, everybody loves to brag their style with the most expensive handbag brand in their hands. We have seen many exquisite luxury handbag brands on red carpet and events. On the whole, we love to adore their style.

In this read, we are celebrating the love for luxury with list of the most expensive handbags for Forbes list and Guinness world records.

1. Hermes

expensive handbag brands

Hermes is a Paris based luxury handbag brand that has fetched a whopping £125,000 for its blue crocodile Hermes Birkin handbag design. With this, the brand has managed to smash all European records for priciest handbag while there is an outrageous response on online bidding of its Birkin handbag design made out of white gold and 18-karat diamonds. The brand stands for high class luxurious products since 1837. The popular brand in elite class is the symbol of wealth and status. (SHOP HERE)

Price Range: $2000 to $30,000

2. Prada

expensive handbag brandsPrada is a well known Italian brand helping both men and women luxury lovers to find their style with different products. Started in 1913, the brand has a history of making cosmetics, bags, apparels and jewelry. Flaunting style statement with PRADA pure leather made luxurious handbags is a favorite choice of celebrities. (SHOP HERE) or (HERE)

Price Range: $1000 to $3000

3. Lana Marks

expensive handbag brands


With more than 150 different styles and color choices, Lana Marks is a very famous brand. This luxurious brand is counted in the  most expensive handbags brands globally. Hollywood divas Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, and many others love to vogue with Lana Marks. The brand gets sky rocketing fame with its Cleopatra clutch design crafted with almost 1500 precious diamonds. No doubt that the auction ended up with $100,000 to make the brand name in the list of most expensive bag in the globe. (SHOP HERE)

Price Range: $2500 to $20,000

4. Judith Leiber

expensive handbag brands

Judith Leiber is an exclusive handbag brand from Hungary. Since 1963 the brand is giving new designs and styles to luxury lovers with its expensive handbags. And, crystals and jewels studded pure leather handbags are their steeping style of luxury loved all around the globe. With its remarkable ‘Rose’ shape handbag design studded with diamonds and gold, the brand mark $90,000 pricing. In 2008, the brand also bagged award for the luxurious and most expensive handbag brand. (SHOP HERE) or (HERE)

Price Range: $700 to $7000

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5. Fendi

expensive handbag brands

From the famous Italian fashion house, Fendi is the brand name stands for luxury. The style quotient of this brand makes it stand apart from the competition and make it a lovable choice for expensive handbag lovers. Founded in 1925, the brand has enriched history of making exclusively expensive handbag pieces. The forte of brand is its pure leather material including crocodile skin, lambskin, etc. No doubt the bags are exclusive and that is the reason Fendi touching the mark of $28,000 for one of its jewel piece. (SHOP HERE) or (HERE)

Price Range: $1000 to $6000

6. Chanel

expensive handbag brands


Origin country of Chanel – the luxurious brand, is France. Since 1909, this brand has managed to astonish the world of expensive handbags with unique styles. Celebrities such as Nicole kidman, Keira Knightley are fan of this brand and are spotted on many events flaunting Chanel handbags. In recent time, the brand was in center of attraction for expensive handbag lovers with its exclusive handbag studded with diamonds and gold bagging $261,000. (SHOP HERE) or (HERE)

Price Range: $3000 to $10,000

7. Louis Vuitton

expensive handbag brands

Louis Vuitton is a world class luxury brand from Paris. Established in 1854, the brand has been in the list of expensive handbags and celebrated as the most valuable brand. With its elite range of products, the brand has managed to win the love of expensive handbags with marking $55,000 price. (SHOP HERE) or (HERE)

Price Range: $2000 to $5000

8. Mouawad

Mouawad handbag

Mouawad is a famous brand in the category of Jewelry and timepieces. This Geneva brand has head office in Dubai. With its accessorized handbag designs, it is the most popular brand among expensive handbag lovers. 1001 nights’ diamonds handbag design decorated with diamonds and gold. This expensive handbag piece was sold for a whopping $3.8 million price tag. Also, the Guinness World record named it as year 2010’ most valuable brand.

9. Valentino

expensive handbag brandsMaterializing the dream of owning the luxurious handbag for elite class, Valentino is one of the most loved brands. This popular Italian brand has earned its name in apparel and accessories industry with its exclusive range of products. Since 1959, the brand is providing stand out designs. With the latest release of their ‘Rockstud’ and ‘Butterfly Camouflage’ bags the brand has cracked out the list of expensive handbags. (SHOP HERE) or (HERE)

Price Range: $1000 to $6000

10. Yves Saint Laurent

expensive handbag brands

Recently, Yves Saint Laurent grabs the luxury buyer’s interest with its ‘Muse Bag’ design available as ‘All Day Muse’ and ‘Night Long Muse’. Celebrated as the name for elite and fashionable, this brand from Paris has successfully etched a place for itself in many hearts. And, Hollywood celebrities Ashley Benson, Angelina Jolie, Erin Andrews love to pose with the brand name at various red carpet events. (SHOP HERE)

Price Range: $1000 to $5000

So, these are some of the brands who have made their name across the world. Do post your comments section on which one is your favorite.

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