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It looks like our designers have caught an incurable case of floral fever! Flowers have taken over sarees, lehengas, anarkalis, skirts and now, the flower power spread out onto the blouses as well. If you’ve loved wearing flowers, now’s the time to get yourself a floral print blouse designed for yourself as they aren’t just incredibly pretty, they are also very much in vogue at the moment.

Here are 6 ways in which you can wear beautiful floral print blouses:

1.Go Full-Sleeved 

One way in which to wear to your floral blouses is to go full sleeved. This can help bring out the beautiful best in your floral blouses making them add all the beauty that they could to the Saree and the entire attire.

Chiffon Sarees with Floral Blouses

full sleeved floral printed blouse 1



2. Elbow Length Sleeved Floral Blouses can be gorgeous

Wearing an elbow length floral blouse is yet another way we can accentuate the prettiness of the floral print on the blouse. Adding a little bit of work near the ends of the sleeves or the neck and making it a boat neck is how we can make our floral print elbow length blouse look its best.

Bhumika Sharma’s simple boat neck floral printed blouse design shows us how even the simplest of the floral designs on a blouse can add such beauty to your attire.

Floral Sari Blouse Deisgns by Bhumika Sharma

Ayush Kejriwal shows us how we can use flowers to make some gorgeous floral print blouses in a bevy of designs.

Floral Print Saree Blouse Designs by Ayush Kejriwal

3.Sleeveless Floral Print Blouses can look pretty too!

Going sleeveless with your floral print blouses can work well and more so if we’re teaming them up with net or sheer sarees. Going high-neck or adding a collar to them can add that little bit of class to them.

These gorgeous floral print blouse designs by Mugdha Art Studio show us how to go sleeveless and sheer with floral blouses.

floral print blouse designs
Floral Print Designer Blouses by Mugdha’s

sleeveless floral blouse

4. Team your Floral Print Blouse with a Chiffon or Net Saree

The best way to wear your floral print blouse is to team it up with a chiffon or net saree. Slight work on the borders of the saree with shimmery gold or silver or mirrors can blend perfectly well with the prettiness of your blouse.

Madhuri Dixit teams up her floral print blouse with a mirror work saree and it looks gorgeous!

floral blouses floral blouses


5. Team your Floral Print Blouse with a cotton silk saree

Yes, you read that right. Although it seems like traditional silk sarees and floral print blouses might not really go with each other, you’d be surprised at how beautiful the duo would look together. Adding a gold shimmery border at the ends of the blouse helps enhance the beauty of the attire.

floral print blouses with traditional sarees floral print blouses with traditional cotton silk sarees 2


6.Add sheer and work to your floral blouse

Ape Anushree Reddy’s style and add some good amount of sheer fabric and lots of work to your floral blouse to make them look their loveliest!



anushree reddy floral blouses

If your wardrobe doesn’t already have a floral print blouse, it’s high time you go get one designed for yourself..!

anushree reddy at lfw 2015

Anushree Reddy showcased her gorgeous pastel creations at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2015 yet again. With a whole lot of flowers to add beauty to her pastels, she conjured up a dreamy, magical creation once again this time! Here are a few of her outfits from the show…

Looks like Anushree Reddy was trying to keep up with the crop top-lehenga style that’s so much in vogue at the moment. Some of her weaves featured crop tops and sheer skirts.

anushree reddy at lfw 2015

Like always, there were florals lehengas and blouses, this time weaved with not all that much work on them. They looked simple, flowy and as beautiful as ever.

anushree reddy at lfw 2015

Most of her outfits were painted with a beautiful pastel pink, like always and this time with not too many flowers to fill the sheer sarees and lehengas.

anushree reddy at lfw 2015

Amy Jackson was the chosen show stopper for Anushree Reddy’s show and the pretty pink heavily-worked upon lehenga that she showcased looked lovely!

amy jackson as showstopper for anushree reddy

The mighty Rana Daggubati was the other showstopper for the show. Dressed in a black sherwani – with floral details at the ends of his sleeves and pockets, he looked regal!

anushree reddy at lfw 2015

arpita mehta lfw 2015

Arpita Mehta’s mirror work outfits managed to mesmerize, as ever, at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2015. Gold, Silver and mirrors always comprise most of her work and this time, there was a whole lot of black to add to it. We also loved how she used Bandhni to add some ethnicity to her collection. Here are a few of her designs displayed at the show…

Long Mirror work lehengas with shiny also-mirror-worked-upon blouses were a part of the collection. Made out of bright hues like orange and green, these lehengas looked ever so beautiful!

arpita mehta lfw 2015

Arpita Mehta’s collection like most others at the fashion week had a lot of crop-top-lehenga combinations and dhoti pants. The glittery over-coats stole the show as well.

arpita mehta lfw 2015

Long suits and anarkalis all with some dazzling mirror and gold work were displayed at the show as well. A bright shade of orange was used quite a bit.

arpita mehta lfw 2015

Arpita Mehta seems to have decided to put the good old bandhni fabric to use in conjuring up some gorgeously ethnic mirror-work lehengas. The fact that black was the colour that she used for the most part added a definite glitz and sheen to the collection.

arpita mehta lfw 2015

Malaika Arora, the age-less beauty was the show-stopper of the event and she looked like a queen in the gold and mirror-work lehenga that she walked the ramp in!

arpita mehta lfw 2015