Bridal Saree Blouses

Some Interesting Blouse Patterns For Your Sarees

Blouse patterns can never be too many. Here are some interesting blouse patterns that are very unique and you will surely get so many compliments for them.

1. Ruffles Blouse

Ruffles is totally in right now, we are sure you would have seen how beautiful Samantha looked for Iifa 2017 in that gorgeous green ruffled concoction.

samantha prabhu handloom saree ruffle blouse sailesh singhania iifa utsavam awards 1 600x469

So here are two really interesting ruffled blouse patterns that you can try with your sarees. More suited for evening wear a must have for the fashion forward.

interesting blouse patterns ruffled blouse 1 600x6002. Embellished Blouses

Elbow Length Sleeves Maggam Embroidered Blouse Designs

pattu saree blouse designs 600x511 elbow length sleeves maggam blouse 600x511 maggam-work-designer-blouse maggam-work-blouse-designs

Maggam embroidered elbow length sleeves blouse designs for silk sarees designed by Nazia Syed.

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The All New Embellished Necklace Blouse Designs

We all know that the latest trending blouse designs, without doubt is the boat neck/high neck models. The best thing about this blouse design is that it can be teamed up with all kind of sarees with ease. The main question with the high neck blouses are what jewelry do I wear? While we opt for long chains and heavy long neck pieces the hardcore choker/necklace addicts are at a loss. This embellished necklace blouse design is exclusively for those choker lovers and for all the others who love a new blouse design.

jewel neckline saree blouse 600x518

jeweled_neckline_blouse_designWe always do embellishments on our blouses to complement the saree. Different options like maggam, zardosi, kundan and aari work have taken the world by storm. So why not