Bridal Saree Blouses

Trend Alert!! Animal and Bird Motif Saree Blouses

Dear ladies, if your designer or tailor has been suggesting you to stop on the flower embroidery on your saree blouses and start off with animal and bird motif, trust us you have found a gold mine. Animal and bird motif on saree blouses have swept in and stolen the thunder. Everyone we see has these done on their blouses. Let us help you with a few ideas.

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1. Animal Motif Blouses

Give Your Red Kanjeevaram Saree A New Look With These Blouse Options

A Red Kanjeevaram saree is there in every woman’s wardrobe. It is either your bridal saree or a heavy saree you have picked for a wedding of your relatives. Why don’t you reuse the saree for a different function with different blouse options? Well, when a red saree is in question decide the combo with caution as the color by itself is quite rich.

1. Red Blouse

Instead of the original blouse which you had done for the saree (mostly that would have been a heavily embroidered blouse) why don’t you try a red blouse with a heavy border?  Or if your actual blouse was plain try a maggam work heavy blouse. You could also try a rich red full sleeve plain blouse to enhance the look of the saree.

red saree red blouse 1 600x595 red saree red blouse 600x5952. Gold Blouse

Top 6 Bridal Blouse Designs

The wedding season along with it brings lots of positivity, celebrations, dance, music, decorations, delicious food etc. But the center of attraction always remains the bride-to-be, everyone is curious to know what she is wearing for the next wedding function. When the would-be-bride is so much in the limelight she just can’t afford to choose a wrong outfit. When we talk about the bridal outfits, the most important thing that comes in our mind is the bridal blouse. Yes, even though its not the main outfit but still bridal blouse design have the capability of make or break your D- Day look. That’s why here we are suggesting you top 6 bridal blouse designs, so that you can take some inspiration from the same.

1. Full Sleeves Boat Neck Blouse

If you want to keep the look simple yet classy then pick up any boat neck blouse designs. If the blouse is heavily embroidered then you also don’t need to add any jewellery. The full sleeves can be of any fabric that you want, if you are comfortable wearing net sleeves on the wedding day then go for it as they look quite stunning.

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2. Maharani Blouse Design

Four Blouse Matching Choices with Pink Bridal Kanjeevaram Saree

A bride in pink sounds very princessy and girly. Right? So what is the apt color of a blouse for your pink bridal saree? Do you go with the blouse that comes with the saree or try something different? A bridal blouse needs to have the right amount of bling and heavy hand on the zardosi or maggam work that is being done on it to make the bride look royal. Care needs to be taken to match the work even with the jewelry so that the effect is not too garish. So here we give you a few suggestions of the blouse matching choices with pink bridal Kanjeevaram saree.

1. Pink with Pink

With a pink Kanjeevaram saree a safe and easy option is the pink combination blouse. You can use the some blouse fabric which comes with the saree too. Get maggam or zardosi work done on the fabric and you can rock the pink with pink trend. You can also keep the blouse plain if you feel your saree is too heavy and try out a puff sleeve blouse. Add baaju band for the bridal effect.

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pink blouse pink kanjeevaram 600x5292. Pink with Green

Bridal Saree Blouses and Lehengas by “Mantra -The Design Studio”

This wedding season the more fancier your blouse designs the better. For bridal saree blouses you need to have endless options up your sleeve and Mantra- the design studio does that for you perfectly.

heavy maggam embroidered blouse designs for pattu sarees 600x541Their maggam embroidered blouse designs are intricately worked upon with zardosi, beads, pearls and thread work etc . If you feel that these blouses are a lot traditional for