Bridal Saree Blouses

The Timeless Style: Puff Sleeve Blouses

Puff sleeve blouses have been around like forever. They have probably undergone variations like those raised puff sleeves in the nineties or the vintage gauzy puff sleeves back in the past. Nonetheless puff sleeve blouses remind us all of something girly and so this is a popular choice when we give a blouse pattern.

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Puff sleeve blouses are a perfect bridal choice as they give that coy feminine appeal to it. Though there are multiple ways to get his done we are a little partial to the short sleeve with that delicate puff which has been pleated and folded and stitched into the sleeve so

Designer Diaries: Ayush Kejriwal

When we talk about Indian designers based out of a different country would we actually pick our traditionally rich sarees from them? Would we be skeptical as they are not in tune with tradition and heritage here? Well in that case you can forget all your worries and pick up some gorgeous stuff from Ayush Kejriwal. His clothes are simply amazing, has the perfect balance of tradition with a touch of that quirkiness.

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When we talk about Ayush Kejriwal he is an Indian designer based out of the UK. If we have to start talking about his designs then in simple words we can describe his designs

Statement Blouses: A Must Have To Make Your Sarees Interesting

To spruce up a saree or to make an old saree look brand new and give you that glam factor statement blouses are a must. Statement blouses can be a simple add on to your blouse like a fancy tassel, some unique heavy embroidery or a funky neck pattern. Statement blouses should be a must have. Even if you do not want to sport them all the time try them once in a way to make so much difference.

statement blouses7 600x6001. The Taj Mahal Statement Blouse

Patch Work Blouses To Add Some Fun

Blouse patterns range from more the merrier to the more patterns the more confusion. Especially when you try to make common blouses that would suit both fancy sarees as well as your traditional drapes. Apart from plain blouses if you think there are not many options left well you are wrong. Patch work blouses can work their magic for both traditional and fancy sarees.

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In a patch work blouse ideally they either have strips or rather patches of another fabric that is intricately merged with your existing blouse fabric to create a sort of unique

Some Interesting Blouse Patterns For Your Sarees

Blouse patterns can never be too many. Here are some interesting blouse patterns that are very unique and you will surely get so many compliments for them.

1. Ruffles Blouse

Ruffles is totally in right now, we are sure you would have seen how beautiful Samantha looked for Iifa 2017 in that gorgeous green ruffled concoction.

samantha prabhu handloom saree ruffle blouse sailesh singhania iifa utsavam awards 1 600x469

So here are two really interesting ruffled blouse patterns that you can try with your sarees. More suited for evening wear a must have for the fashion forward.

interesting blouse patterns ruffled blouse 1 600x6002. Embellished Blouses