10 Dramatic Puff Sleeve Blouses For Pattu Sarees

Aren’t Pattu sarees and puff sleeve blouses a match made in heaven? It gives that vintage look like a Ravi Varma painting and is totally perfect especially if that is going to be your bridal blouse. When we do puff sleeve blouses we want those demure puff sleeves or the slightly exaggerated but still short sleeve puff to pair with our Kanjeevaram sarees.

puff sleeve blousesIn that case how do you work around pattu sarees with heavy or big borders and you yet

The Timeless Style: Puff Sleeve Blouses

Puff sleeve blouses have been around like forever. They have probably undergone variations like those raised puff sleeves in the nineties or the vintage gauzy puff sleeves back in the past. Nonetheless puff sleeve blouses remind us all of something girly and so this is a popular choice when we give a blouse pattern.

puff sleeve blouses puff sleeve blouses

Puff sleeve blouses are a perfect bridal choice as they give that coy feminine appeal to it. Though there are multiple ways to get his done we are a little partial to the short sleeve with that delicate puff which has been pleated and folded and stitched into the sleeve so

6 Pretty Puff Sleeved Blouse Designs That You Should Try Out!

Ever since the very first days that saree was worn, since the ages of emperors and kings up until today, puff sleeves on the blouses have been a hot favourite with the women. With all the charm, ethnicity and beauty that they add to the attire, it is wonder that they have been loved for so long.Whether you team it up with a Kanjeevaram Saree or a Fancy Saree, a puff sleeved blouses do their bit in enhancing the pretty-ness of the saree.

puff sleeve blouse designs

For all their beauty, having atleast one puff sleeved blouse in your wardrobe is a must. Here are 6 puff sleeved blouse designs that you should get for yourself.

1. The basic, capped puff sleeved blouse design

The very basic puff sleeved design – to make a capped puff out of your sleeves and leave it with a thin border just enough to make the puff sleeve. If carefully stitched, the basic puff sleeved blouse can look great – especially on Kanjeevarams.

puff sleeve blouse designs

2. Puff Sleeves with a thick border

Adding a thick border to your blouse can make the puff sleeved blouse look even better. A silk border or a border with work upon it is the best way to border up your puff sleeved blouse.

puff sleeve blouse designs

3. Elbow length puff sleeved blouse

Wearing the puff sleeved blouse like it was originally worn – to the elbow length brings in the old charm also revving up the ethnicity and the beauty of the blouse. You can add a thick border or just extend the length of your sleeves through from the puff.

puff sleeve blouse designs

4. Full- length sleeved puff blouse

Yet another way to use puff sleeved blouses to bring in the old world charm is to go full length on the sleeves. Team it up with a Kanjeevaram and you’re bound to look like royalty!

puff sleeve blouse designs

5. A light, barely-there puff

If you don’t want to go overboard with your look, a slight puff that is added to your other-wise normal blouse is going to add that little bit of pretti-ness to it. This style works best with chiffon or crepe sarees.

puff sleeve blouse designs

6. Sheer Net puff sleeves

A recent modification of the puff sleeved blouse is to go sheer on the part of the sleeves which has been puffed out. You can also add a thick border to the puff if you’re trying this style out with a Kanjeevaram. Going sheer on a brocade blouse is one of the best ways to do it.

puff sleeve blouse designs with net sleeves

Now that you’re done browsing through these puff sleeved blouse designs, which one are you going to try out this coming festive season?

Puff Sleeves Pearl Work Blouse

puff_sleeves_blouse_for_silk_sareesPuff sleeves silk blouse with embroidery and pearl work.

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Puff Sleeves Blouse

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Stylish puff sleeves saree blouse with buttons on the front.