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Must Have Outfits For Men This Wedding Season!

It’s always a difficult task to select men’s fashion outfits to adorn during weddings. They usually stick to the traditional sherwani, Jodhpuri or tailored suits. Since the fashion industry, lately, is blooming with menswear labels a lot of experimentation is being done in terms of colour, prints, fabrics, and silhouettes for men. Here are our top 4 must have wedding dresses for men that would make anyone look unique in the wedding crowds:

Men's wear must haves
Wedding dresses for men

Draped Sherwanis

Draped Sherwani For Men
Wedding dresses for men

Top-notch Men’s designers like Shantanu&Nikhil, Manish Malhotra, etc have brought this trend into existence into the Indian menswear fashion scenario and it’s winning everybody’s hearts. From big stars like  Shahid Kapoor as well as Tollywood heartthrobs like Ram Pothineni, all the fashionista’s have adorned this trend. Free falling drapes, pleats and cowl kurtas come under this trend. These are a  must-have for anyone willing to turn a few heads this season!

Monochromatic suitsMonochromatic suits for men

Be it neutrals, pastels or neon colours, monochromatic outfits can catch quite a few eyes if styled well. We have recently seen celebrities like Ranveer Singh and Vijay Devarkonda carry-off this trend with the utmost ease. One can either stay classic with black or opt for more playful colours like green, sky blue or pink! Looking at the kind of fame these suits are increasingly acquiring, it is safe to say that this trend is here to stay! 

Holographic sneakers

Holographic Shoes for men

Recently, a lot of celebrities have been wearing holographic sneakers. For example, Manish Malhotra’s latest fashion show saw Karthik Aryan dazzling in a kurta-pyjama look with such sneakers. Interestingly, one can pair up such trendy sneakers with a simple white or pastel garments and steal the show in wedding functions!

Floral Nehru Jackets

Floral Nehru Jacket

Floral Nehru Jackets have been in vogue for menswear for the last half-season. For Example, Labels like Anushree Reddy, Torani, etc have designed beautiful and subtle floral jackets. Pairing these with simple kurtas will look ravishing for any occasion. Also, Ranveer Singh and Vijay Devarakonda were styled in this trend recently.

Body Type and How to Dress Accordingly!

Picking outfits for yourself can be a tough task specially when the market if full of garments in different silhouettes, colours and cuts! To make shopping an easier affair it is crucial to understand your body type and the kind of outfits that compliment it. Here is a guide to make you understand your body proportions along with examples of outfits that would suit it:




Apple or Circle Body Type

apple shape body

Heavier upper body and slender legs define an Apple Shaped body. Women with this body type usually have broader shoulders and unidentified waist line. Celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha and Kate Winslet are known to have an apple shaped body. A-line or fit and flare garments like anarkalis compliment this type of a body the best! Also, Full or 3/4th sleeves with V necks can be worn to create a vertical effect adding to your height. Flared bottoms like palazzos with A-line Kurtas, boot cut jeans suit them. Specifically, fitting is a key detail to keep in focus as loose and uneven clothes will form a rift with the apple shape. 

 Rectangle or Banana Body Type

rectangle body type

A rectangle shaped body has slender legs and body.  The shoulder and waist of this body type usually has approximately same measurements. Women with such body types, therefore, may define their waist by wearing garments having a fitted waistline. Focusing on arms and legs too is great, since they are their assets. A-line skirts, Peplum tops, sleeveless garments, ruffles and flared tops, sweetheart necklines, strapless tops are the kind of garments that would compliment this figure type the most. Flared Kurtas, skirts and lehengas also are you best Indian choices.

Hourglass Body Type

hourglass body type

In hourglass body type, the shoulder and the hip are proportionate, having a well-defined waistline.  A-line dresses, Anarkalis fitted at the waist suit them well. Also, A-line Kurtas are your best Indian wear Options along with flowy sarees hugging the body. For instance, Sweetheart and V-necklines are suitable to show-off the upper body.

Pear or Triangle 

pear shape body

Women with pear-shaped body  type have curvier hips and thick thighs with narrow waist and shoulders. High waist pants, long-flared skirts suit them. To make your shoulders broader, scoop neck, boat necks, ruffled necklines and also off-shoulders are suggested. Wearing a saree is the best option to flaunt the waistlines. Lehengas exposing the mid-riff is also a very figure  flattering option. In recent trends, cape blouses, emphasizing the shoulder, is a great option for this body shape.

Vijay Devarakonda’s Style Statement!

Vijay Devarakonda, widely known as the heart-throb of a lot of girls, gained fame for his good looks, ease of dialogue delivery and his unique style sense. Be it simple casual looks, bold prints, contemporary fashion or uncommon colours, he wears it all with applaudable elegance. Tollywood celebrity stylists Harman Kaur and Shravya Varma usually style him. Here are a few of his go to looks that make him look super stylish!

Vijay devarakonda's style

Bold prints Vijay devarakonda's style -prints

Prints are Vijay Devarakonda’s most often seen style statements.  As bold as he could get, sometimes he even wears printed formal suits with a plain shirt which makes him stand out in a crowd of hundreds. Printed pants and bold Shirts are also his favourite go-to styles.

Vijay Devarakonda’s Monochrome Style

Vijay devarakonda's style-monochrome

At more than one occasions,  Vijay Devarakonda was seen wearing single-colour (monochrome) outfits. For instance, be it baby pink, bright purple or simple grey as well, he can carry off this style with ease.

 Distinctive traditional style

Vijay devarakonda's style - Tradiitonal

Vijay Devarakonda’s style sense is unique when it comes to traditional fashion. He usually pairs up his traditional dhoti or a kurta with a jacket or a shirt, hinting at a more contemporary approach towards his traditional styling sense. 

Crisp formal style

Vijay devarakonda's style -Formal

Vijay Devarakonda defines the term ‘dapper’ in all of his formal looks. Generally for formal events like award ceremonies he wears perfectly fitted three-piece suits or neatly tucked shirts with oxford shoes. For instance, he was wearing Blazer with shorts for a recent interview. Style king!

Vijay Devarakonda’s own label-Rowdy Wear

Rowdy wear- Vijay devarakonda's style

In mid 2018, Vijay Devarakonda launched his own clothing label called ‘Rowdy Wear’. This label makes everything for men ranging from casual T-shirts to checkered lungis. Sometimes he wears garments from his own stylish street wear label for promotion.

Let us know what you think about his style.

Traditional Footwear Labels: Our Top 5 Picks!

Traditional footwear for women are trending since the last couple of years and, why not? They are most versatile piece of footwear anyone can own. Indian outfits, contemporary or even your everyday college/work outfits can be styled with such footwear and make you look unique. Therefore, we have listed out a few Indian brands that can cater to your every traditional footwear needs:

ethnic wear traditional indian footwear online

1. Pastels and Pop

traditional footwear-Pastelsandpop


Pastels and Pop is a Bangalore based traditional footwear brand that started off in 2015. Their core products include handmade and beautifully embroidered juttis in vibrant colours. Alongside women’s footwear, they also cater to men and even make customised gift sets. Their celebrity clientele includes pretty much all the biggies of the Indian film Industry like Sonam Kapoor, Malaika Arora and Samantha Akkineni. 

2. Fizzy Goblet


Fizzy Goblet

Fizzy Goblet is the go-to store for someone looking for more trendy or contemporary footwear to go with your lehengas as well as denims. Celebrities like Anushka Sharma, Jhanvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan have worn Fizzy Goblet’s traditional shoes. Their Product range includes juttis, sliders, sneaker, loafers etc. They also collaborated with big designers like tribe by Amrapali and Payal Singhal. Fizzy Goblet also offers customisation options for their clients

3. The Haelli’s Traditional Footwear

Traditional Footwear - The Haelli

The Haelli

This Unique traditional footwear label uses the technique of hand-painting for their products. Therefore, the products are simple  and sophisticated. They go really well with any outfit and for any event. Raashi Khanna, Regina Cassandra and Niharika Konidela are a few celebrities who were spotted wearing The Haelli’s traditional footwear.

4. Needledust



Needledust makes fine-hand-crafted leather traditional footwear. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra are a few of their celebrity clients who helped this footwear label reach international heights. Their product line includes traditional juttis and contemporary mules. Interestingly, they have also collaborated with the designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. 

5. Aprajita Toor’s traditional footwear

Traditional Footwear

aprajitatoorAprajita Toor is a well known traditional footwear brand for both men and women. Her product range for women include heels, wedges, flats and also sneakers. Beautifully handcrafted Kohlapuri footwear are her key products. Their products were seen adorned by celebrities like Kriti Sanon, Sonakshi Sinha and Shraddha Kapoor.

Mens Jewellery: Trending Indian Groom Jewellery!

Traditional Jewellery for men, especially grooms, is a rising market in India due to which we see several new types of menswear jewellery hitting the trends these days. Grooms are not restricting themselves to simple chains, bracelets and rings anymore. Experimenting not only with materials used in making their jewellery but also with designs is being seen lately. Therefore, we have jotted our top picks for trending grrom jewellery this season.

deepika padukone marriage photos

Trending Indian Groom Jewellery:

Puligoru Necklace

bridal jewlery from men


Puligoru, in other words, tiger claw jewellery is traditional South Indian jewellery , resembling the claws of a tiger. These designs generally consist of lockets made of gold and different types of gemstones embedded on them. The lockets usually look great on pearl and beads necklaces and recently large puligoru pendants were seen trending in mens wedding attire. 

Saathlada  Necklace

Mens jewellery

Saathlada means seven strands. It comprises of seven strands of pearls, each strands has its pendant made of gold and precious stone. This jewellery is traditional to the Hyderabadi Nizams and is being used excessively in both women and groom wedding jewellery nowadays.

 Temple Jewellery for men

Mens jewellery

Temple jewellery is traditional south Indian style jewellery. This kind of jewellery is inspired by ornaments used to decorate the idols of Hindu gods and goddesses in South India. These are ornate and employ traditional motifs of peacocks, parrots, fishes or images of gods like Ganesha and Lakshmi. Nowadays,  Simple chains or gold beads strands with a big temple pendant are in vogue for grooms.

 Layered Pearls and Beads necklaces

indian groom wedding jewellery
Trending Indian Groom Jewellery
indian groom jewellery
Trending Indian Groom Jewellery


These are the most trending necklaces for grooms in the recent times. Generally, they are 4 or more layered strands of pearls, ruby beads or emerald beads without any pendants which is why they compliment any outfit like sherwani, kurta or even wedding suits.

Turban Brooch / Kalgi

wedding bridal jewellery from men

A turban is generally worn by men in North Indian weddings but nowadays we see grooms  in south India adorning turbans to establish a style statement in southern weddings as well. Therefore, a Kalgi is a perfect piece of groom jewellery to go with a turban. It is a form of brooch worn on the front of the turban. It is made from a variety of materials like pearls, kundans or gemstones.