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6 Best Hair Accessories For Indian Hairstyles!

When we are planning a look, we tend to buy accessories for everything from face to toe. But we often ignore one most important part of our look, which also needs some accessories. Our hair. Most of the Indian hairstyles look good only after we have adorned it with some or the other hair accessories. The hairstyle is complete when you place a flower or a brooch on it. For Indian hairstyles, there are special Indian ethnic hair accessories that are beautiful. They complement the kanchi saree or the desi lehenga that we wear during festivities.

hair acessoriesHere are some Indian hair accessories that you ought to try out:

1. Flowers

Amazing Ways To Wear Hair Buns With Traditional Sarees!

When you are wearing a traditional saree, no hairstyle suits you better than a hair bun. A bun looks elegant and neat while it also keeps the look ethnic. If you are attending a wedding and planning to wear a silk saree, you can choose to wear a bun without thinking twice as it will rock your look. There are many ways you can wear your hair buns depending upon the style you want and the saree you are planning to wear.

different types of hair buns

So, here are some ways in which you can wear hair buns with sarees :

1. Center Bun with Flowers

Eight Simple And Classy Saree Looks That You Must Try!

Saree is not just an outfit that you wear when you want to look extravagant. Some sarees can make you as simple and down to earth as possible. Many women do not like over the top looks. For such women, there are some simple saree options which are classy too. They are easy to wear, comfortable to walk around in and look absolutely elegant.

simple saree looksSo, here are eight saree looks that you must try this summer –

Kalamkari Saree

This one doesn’t seem to go out of fashion any time soon. The kalamkari saree is fun, cheerful and has a history behind it. A cotton kalamkari saree with a matching kalamkari blouse is as simple as it can get, yet truly elegant. It can be worn daily to work or even simple events. As the saree is ethnic, you can go for ethnic jewels along with it.

anupama parameshwar in kalamkari sareeTissue Saree

Summer and light tissue sarees go hand in hand. It is a bliss to wear these light weight sarees. Pick a pastel or light colored saree and you will look absolutely stunning in your simple avatar. Keep the accessories very minimal and less blingy. This look is suitable for offices as well as parties.

nikki galrani silver tissue saree

kajal agarwal in a pale pink tissue sareeCotton Saree

Nothing is as good as wearing a cotton saree on a summer day. They are light weight but look extremely chic. Especially if you pick a one with large gold border, it will look no less than a silk saree. As the saree is simple, compensate with heavy jewellery if you are going to a function. Otherwise, minimal accessories will do.

priyamani in simple blue cotton sareeHandloom Saree

Handloom cotton sarees are a boon in the hot weather. They will be so soft to wear and carry around. If you think the handloom may look a bit old fashioned, you can pep up the look with a trendy blouse. A belt probably will up the style game of this simple look. Large silver earrings and you are good to go.

rashmika mandanna in a simple purple cotton sareeDual Color Saree

These were a rage in the 90’s but somehow not many people wear them now. But, you got to try a simple dual colored saree for an evening function. An embellished blouse, some junk jewelry and your look for the evening is complete.

shanvi srivatsa in a dual color sareeWhite Saree

You can’t praise this piece of art enough. A white saree can be worn in so many different ways that you will run out of occasions to wear it. A simple white cotton saree can be mix and matched with any color, any accessory that you want. A darker color blouse, some gold jewelry and voila! You can also wear the saree in different ways to look trendy.

shruti hariharan in simple white cotton sareeBlack and White Saree

This one is a classic for sure. You can wear a beautiful black and white saree with silver accessories. This look is perfect for office or to any event.

simple cotton black sareeSimple White Motif Saree

White saree in summer is simply blissful. While plain white saree is fun, a white saree with some motifs on it can be worn with a matching blouse and minimal jewelry. This is a look that everyone who likes simple stuff will love.

sonu gowda in a simple white sareeThese are some saree looks that you must try this summer.

Things To Have In A Dream Saree Closet!

Every woman dreams of having a saree closet that all her friends would envy. Especially we south Indian women love to buy, wear and flaunt our six yards of wonder. Saree comes in many types, textures and even shapes. So, owning one or two of them will not make you a pro in sarees. You need to have all the basics to complete your saree closet.

saree closetSo, here are some essential pieces that you ought to have to complete your dream saree closet –

Something Easy To Wear

Like with any other outfits, you got to have one easy to wear saree. A go-to saree that you can drape in seconds is a must have. This will be your savior during emergencies. Usually plain and simple Georgette or chiffons are very easy to wear and carry.

easy to wear sareeSomething Traditional

Saree itself is a traditional wear, but traditional sarees like Banarasi silk or Chanderi silk not just are ethnic but also look good. They display our culture and our traditions too. Also, the ethnic sarees look beautiful when worn at any event.

a traditional sareeSomething Black and Something White

The Yin and the Yan, you got to have them both. They are the most basic of the colors. A plain black saree and a white one are the elementary requisites in any saree closet. Also, they are the most photogenic ones to be honest. You will look damn good in a plain black or a plain white saree.

Something Fancy

For the parties and events, you got to own some fancy sarees. They are sequined, glittery and fun. They will make you look younger and more beautiful. Fancy sarees are a rage at cocktail parties and dinners. You can style these sarees as you please to suit your modern look.

Something in Trend

The trends in the saree industry keep changing just like in any fashion sector. So, own something that is a rage today. For example frilly and ruffle sarees are in fashion these days, you can buy one of them. The saree with belts are also cool, so get a couple of them too. Make sure you wear them before the trend fades.

frill saree

saree beltAn Heirloom Piece

Every woman needs to have an heirloom saree, the one passed down to her from her grandmother, mother or in-laws. This saree is a symbol of pride and relationships. It is also going to be an expensive piece because all old sarees are precious in their style and make. So, preserve that memorable saree with great care.

heirloom sareesKanchi Pattu

Is a saree closet ever complete without a pattu saree? A pattu saree is something that you must have in your closet to complete its existence. Kanchi pattu sarees are traditional, lovable and pure grace. You can wear them to just about any event and look stunning.

kanchi silk sareeSo, these are the types of sarees that you must have in your saree closet.

Handy Tips To Wear Those Heavy Silk Sarees This Summer!

Summer is one dreaded time when you hate wearing heavy silk sarees. But, many people host events especially during summers. Silk sarees would be the only suitable outfits to wear to such events. If it is a traditional wedding, naming ceremony or house warming ceremony, it is  sensible to wear only traditional clothes and what is more traditional than a pattu saree? But the scorching sun and the heat put you off the idea of wearing a saree. Don’t worry, there are some handy tips that will help you beat the heat and rock the silk saree look.

managaing silk sarees in summerHere are some tips to wear those heavy silk sarees this summer –

Sleeveless Blouse for Silk Saree

This one is a personal favourite of everyone wearing heavy sarees in summer. A sleeveless blouse is your best friend if you are wearing a silk saree in summer. Let the sleeve strap be as thin as possible. It will keep you comfortable at least waist up.  It is also a nice trendy touch to your ethnic saree look.

sleeveless blouse for silk saree

sleeveless blouse for silk sareeBoat Neck Blouse for Silk Saree

If you are not comfortable wearing a sleeveless blouse, you can opt for a boat neck blouse. As a boat neck blosue will have very broad neck, it will be airy and will help you breath better. A boat neck blouse also goes well with any kind of silk sarees.

boat neck blouse for silk sareeDeep Neck and Back Blouses for Silk Saree

Try to wear blouses that have deep neck and back so that it gives you enough comfort.  Closed neck and high neck blouses are a big no-no because you will be a fried chicken by the end of the event if you wear one in summer. So the deeper the blouse, the better.

deep neck and back blouses for silk sareeLight Color Silk Sarees

It is also sensible to choose the colors of your saree well. Dark colors like black, red and blue will just attract more heat. So, pick light colors that do not heat up soon. Light colors like peach, white, cream fuchsia and yellow are the best for summer.

light color silk sarees

light color silk sareesPleated Pallu

When you let the pallu flow freely, it often makes your body claustrophobic. So, is wise to pleat and pin up the pallu. This way fresh breeze can wipe across your waist and upper body. Also, it is a much neater look than the free flowing pallu look.

pleated palluThese are some tips to make wearing a heavy silk saree in summer a bit more easy.