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Types Of Silk Sarees That Every Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe!

There are many types of silk Sarees out because a silk Saree is not just a five-yard of cloth; it is more than that and it is the soul of our convention and culture.  We all can find a beloved silk Saree from a grandma to a young woman’s closet. Either it is a luxurious party or a simple occasion, we all love to go with a silk Saree. Each State in India has a specific specialty of silk Saree and all the types of silk sarees are preferred by the women across the nation.

types of silk sarees every woman must have

1. Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

Trisha’s yellow kurta has turned out to be a fashion icon!

The movie 96 hit the theaters last year. Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha played the lead roles. It was a romantic drama, it recounted the reunion of two high schools lovers and the movie gave the audience a glimpse of their emotional look at their story 22 years later. Both the actors were showered with compliments for their powerful performance that elevated the movie to the summit.

trisha in 96 movie

Trisha played the character Janu was seen wearing a plain yellow kurta, blue jeans, and a blue stole. She looked simple but classy throughout the movie. This look went frenzy on

Twinning Fashion – Trend To Try!

The fashion Industry premises on premised on constant newness, fresh ideas, and individuality. The world of fashion is always obsessed with novel trends. At present, the buzz word which rules the fashion market is ‘twinning’ or matching outfits. Matching your friend, your siblings, and your better half is an appealing way to get noticed by the people. The style has evolved rapidly and it has moved around Instagram and People say that “We’re twinning!”, getting snapped for their bold and hard – to miss- looks.

The romantic duos display their fashion side, as well as the oneness in their relationship with these twinning, will always be an attention stealer. So, twinning has mounted to its runway this season. The colors and designs are well harmonized to make the same outfit look stunning when they wear them together. Bollywood couples, sisters, parents-kid gaudily poses for snaps in twin – win avatar.

Twinning with your adorable kid