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Beauty Regime For Indian Brides To Be!

A wedding is a time of celebration and excitement as you are starting a new life! But, this is also time to take care of your skin and overall well being. As wedding centers around bride and bridegroom, all the eyes will be on the bride and how she looks, it becomes crucial to start your beauty regime if you are a bride-to-be. As a bride to be, you have to take care of your skin and plan your wedding dress, jewelry etc. Looking calm and relaxed on the wedding day is also important as it adds up to your charm and beauty on the wedding day. It is better to start the preparations soon after the engagement or when the wedding date is fixed.

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Here’s the beauty regime for the brides-to-be which makes the bride glow and stand out on her wedding day.

Skin Care

5 Easy, Breezy Hairstyles For Summer!

Summer is here! So it is time for the breezy cotton dresses and easy hairstyles for summer. Loose hairstyles look great, but for long and medium length it may be hard to maintain the loose hair especially when you are out for shopping or on the beach playing.Women, girls have fun this summer with your hairstyles. Choose the hairstyle based on your length of hair if that’s what you been looking for.

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Top Knot Bun

10 Best Places To Buy Sarees Online USA, UK, Australia etc.

Sarees are loved by every woman and these days it is easy to buy sarees online. Many women living in countries like USA, Australia, UK etc. can buy sarees from online sites. Thinking best places to buy sarees online? Sarees online USA are available in various websites at affordable prices. As many Indian women live in many countries many famous brands are offering Indian sarees online.

best online saree shopping sites

10 Best Places To Buy Sarees Online USA, UK, Australia etc:

1. Samyakk

Top 10 Fashion Designing Institutes In Hyderabad

Fashion designing is one of the most sought after career options in India and especially Hyderabad from past 10 years. The growing interest towards fashion and presenting themselves in designer dresses for an occasion or event has given rise to a number of boutiques and fashion designing institutes. Fashion designing is a very good career option for both men and women. There are various fashion designing courses and a number of fashion designing institutes teach this art to the interested students.

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Top 10 Fashion Designing Institutes In Hyderabad

Top 10 Gajra Hairstyles To Try This Wedding Season!

Gajra is a part of Indian tradition and women love to adorn their hair with gajra for an auspicious event or occasion. With changing trends, women have come up with different ways to decorate the hair with gajra. The speciality of gajra hairstyles is that it can transform the entire look into a traditional and ethnic one. It is just amazing how the decoration of gajra in different patterns can completely change the look!

gajra hairstyles

Top 10 Gajra Hairstyles To Try This Wedding Season:

1. Low Bun With Gajra