Mehreen Pirzada defines grace in this pearl embroidered lilac saree!

Pastel hued outfits and their charm is something that needs no introduction. As times change drastically, light-shaded outfits have captured both our hearts and ramps on fashion shows. Actress Mehreen Pirzada has graced us with some of the best pastel-shaded outfits we can think of through her social media handles. Adding one more to her collection, the beauty draped herself in a lilac hued saree from Roze by Saya.

Mehreen Pirzada in a roze saree-4

Mehreen Pirzada in a roze saree-1

Mehreen Pirzada in a roze saree-2

The saree features floral motifs on its hemline and body made studded with white pearls. The trim, however, is latticed and bears elaborate stonework. The sleeveless blouse shares this detailing on its hem and thread work on its body.

Mehreen Pirzada in a roze saree

To let the saree take the limelight, Mehreen cut down on heavy accessories. She opted for a set of powder blue pearl-studded diamond earrings along with a set of diamond bangles. Her low ponytail, lined eyes, bindi and nude lips accentuated the simple look.


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