Latest Blouse Designs Unique Hand Embroidered Saree Blouse Designs by Parama!

Unique Hand Embroidered Saree Blouse Designs by Parama!

Parama is a Kolkata based clothing brand that celebrates women’s fashion by combining traditional elements with modern doodles and embroidery. Moreover, the collection of embroidered saree blouse designs is not only minimalistic but also the perfect mix of ethnic and contemporary.

quirky blouse designs with fun embroidery

Saree Blouses With Quirky Embroidery by Parama

The specialty of these hand embroidered saree blouses is that each embroidery design represents some emotion or memories that the designer- Parama Ghosh- has so lovingly infused into her work. Let’s go ahead and look at some of the latest bestselling designs by the label!

1. Calendar design hand embroidered blouse

Poila Bosakh or the Bengali New year is a time for new clothes, scrumptious food and great celebrations. Without a doubt, this blouse with its embroidery of the ‘Bengali Calendar’ reminds you of Poila Baisakh -and all the good things that come with it. New year, new beginnings. Grab this boat neck off-white blouse with red sleeve hems that showcases hand embroidery as well as hand applique work to make a statement this New Year!

quirky hand embroidered blouse designs

2. Hand embroidered saree blouse with frock design

Another great memory of the Bengali New Year is the new clothes one would get to wear. The designer narrates the memory of new ‘tape frocks and red ribbons’ that her Ma would buy for her, through this unique blouse piece. Furthermore, the blouse features hand embroidery and hand applique work on hand-woven jamdani that would fit any occasion. The sleeve hems also feature a contrasting off white lace for a more feminine touch to the design.

parama blouses

3. Grey braids embroidery blouse design

This grey hued blouse with traditional kemp or temple jewellery motifs adorning two hair braids celebrates ancient Indian customs. For example, Temple jewellery originates from Indian royalty who would donate these pieces to temples; these would in turn be worn later by temple dancers. Doesn’t the blouse look fantastic?

quirky sari blouse

4. Floral circle embroidery Parama blouse design

Elegant and sophisticated, this hand embroidered blouse with pink floral work is surely a favorite among everybody! Not only can you wear it for festive occasions but you can also don it as workwear or for an outing with your girls!

floral hand embroidery blouse

5. Autumn leaf hand embroidery blouse

This checkered white blouse with vibrant autumn leaf embroidery is part of a collection titled “Wild flowers”. Also, the bold use of color and simplistic design in this blouse is what sets it apart! Remember how much joy you would get when the leaves turned bright orange in autumn? Oh what a beautiful sight indeed!

saree blouse with leaf embroidery on back

6. Hand embroidery blouse with bicycle design

This Jamdani bicycle embroidery blouse from the ‘Beach Holiday’ collection is just quirky enough to get you noticed by everyone.  The bright green and mustard coconuts look quite appealing whereas the flared sleeves with lace detailing on them add a hint of drama to the blouse. The neck also features some lace detailing.

saree blouse with back embroidery (1)

7. Red bow braids embroidery blouse

This quirky design by Parama especially honors the innocence of childhood with these braided pigtails tied with red ribbons. The red ribbons are iconic in this design and are giving us major nostalgia! Grab your piece now!

quirky fun saree blouse designs (2)

8. Sky blue floral embroidery blouse

Loving this elegant sky blue blouse design with multicolored floral hand embroidery on the sleeves and the back. Besides, the pink, blue and white flowers are in perfect harmony with each other and look extremely flirty and cheerful!

saree blouse with leaf embroidery on back (1)

9. Checkered orange ‘Kadali Bala’ embroidery blouse

Part of the Madras collection that pays homage to the city, the “Kadali Bala” or plantain flower embroidery blouse comes in a bright orange checkered pattern. Along with three large banana leaves for wings, the Madrasi ‘bala’ also sports a Kanjeevaram saree in vibrant hues! Isn’t this blouse design super cool?

quirky fun saree blouse designs

10. Blouse designs with Jewellery Motifs

These jewellery motif pink and red hued Parama blouses are just perfect for those who don’t want to go too overboard with their quirkiness whilst also trying to shed the traditional embroidery designs. Feminine, pretty and modernistic, what more could you ask for?

jewellery motif saree blouse designs

11. Latest quirky radio embroidery blouse

This “radio” embroidery jamdani blouse is Puja and Mahalaya themed. For most Bengalis, Durga Puja every year means welcoming the festival with the soulful voices of iconic Bengali singers on the radio. Furthermore, Shuili flowers, lotuses and the dhunuchi- an earthern pot for burning incense- are classic elements of Puja included in this design.

quirky fun saree blouse designs (1)

12. Rangoli Design Blouse

Also part of Parama’s Madras collection, this Kolam Art or Rangoli art embroidery blouse reminds you of all the festivities and joyous occasions you have been a part of. Kolam art is believed to be a form of painted prayer in South Indian culture. Hurry up and get one of these today!

muggu design blouse

13. Navy blue embroidery blouse with gulmohar floral design

This blouse embroidery has been inspired by the “krishnachura” or Gulmohar flowers which display a fiery orange-red color during the summers. Set against a contrasting backdrop of black, this blouse is truly a piece of art.

floral embroidered sari blouse designs

14. Gopuram design embroidery blouse by Parama

A gopuram in simple words is a tower located at the entrance of a Hindu Temple. The ornate architecture of the tower depicted in this blouse design makes it a perfect option to wear for traditional pujas and festivals!

gopuram design blouse

15. Blue embroidery blouse with taxi design

This striking cobalt blue blouse with a yellow taxi embroidery motif saying “NO”, captures the essence of Old Calcutta city perfectly! Reminisce the good old days you spent roaming around the city in these cute yellow taxis with this blouse.

taxi hand embriodery blouse

16. Cactus design hand embroidery blouse

This handwoven Jamdani blouse with cactus motifs on the back features colorful embroidery and is sure to brighten up your dull day!

cactus hand embroidery blouse

17. Designer embroidered blouse by Parama

What can we say about this embroidery blouse on a jamdani lavender grey base? The colors are fantastic and the intricate embroidery with such details and finesse in the whole design is just too good to be true!

unique saree blouses

18. Kathakali motif embroidery blouse by Parama

How about this vibrant kathakali embroidery blouse with intricate lace details and colorful threadwork? The black blouse with red borders just adds more depth to the design.

saree blouse with back embroidery

19. Usha Sewing machine embroidery blouse

The quirkiest of them all! We’ve seen plenty of blouses ON a sewing machine but have you ever seen a sewing machine on top of a blouse? Parama narrates a special story with this eye catching yellow blouse,  revolving around the most humble piece of tailoring equipment that almost every Indian woman owns.

saree blouse with quirky embroidery

20. Wallflower embroidery blouse design

This wallflower patterned hand embroidered saree blouse is one of the most happening designs we’ve seen in this collection! Bold, vibrant and diverse, the floral embroidery work we see on this emerald colored blouse is far from ordinary. The baby pink lace on the sleeve hems are giving us major girly vibes.

saree blouse with embroidery on back

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