Handy Tips To Wear Those Heavy Silk Sarees This Summer!

Summer is one dreaded time when you hate wearing heavy silk sarees. But, many people host events especially during summers. Silk sarees would be the only suitable outfits to wear to such events. If it is a traditional wedding, naming ceremony or house warming ceremony, it is  sensible to wear only traditional clothes and what is more traditional than a pattu saree? But the scorching sun and the heat put you off the idea of wearing a saree. Don’t worry, there are some handy tips that will help you beat the heat and rock the silk saree look.

managaing silk sarees in summerHere are some tips to wear those heavy silk sarees this summer –

Sleeveless Blouse for Silk Saree

This one is a personal favourite of everyone wearing heavy sarees in summer. A sleeveless blouse is your best friend if you are wearing a silk saree in summer. Let the sleeve strap be as thin as possible. It will keep you comfortable at least waist up.  It is also a nice trendy touch to your ethnic saree look.

sleeveless blouse for silk saree

sleeveless blouse for silk sareeBoat Neck Blouse for Silk Saree

If you are not comfortable wearing a sleeveless blouse, you can opt for a boat neck blouse. As a boat neck blosue will have very broad neck, it will be airy and will help you breath better. A boat neck blouse also goes well with any kind of silk sarees.

boat neck blouse for silk sareeDeep Neck and Back Blouses for Silk Saree

Try to wear blouses that have deep neck and back so that it gives you enough comfort.  Closed neck and high neck blouses are a big no-no because you will be a fried chicken by the end of the event if you wear one in summer. So the deeper the blouse, the better.

deep neck and back blouses for silk sareeLight Color Silk Sarees

It is also sensible to choose the colors of your saree well. Dark colors like black, red and blue will just attract more heat. So, pick light colors that do not heat up soon. Light colors like peach, white, cream fuchsia and yellow are the best for summer.

light color silk sarees

light color silk sareesPleated Pallu

When you let the pallu flow freely, it often makes your body claustrophobic. So, is wise to pleat and pin up the pallu. This way fresh breeze can wipe across your waist and upper body. Also, it is a much neater look than the free flowing pallu look.

pleated palluThese are some tips to make wearing a heavy silk saree in summer a bit more easy.

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