Six Unique Saree Colors You Ought To Try This Year!

Bored of wearing the same old red, blue and green silk sarees to every event you attend? Then it is time to add some new colors to your wardrobe. I mean real colors. The ones that are pleasant to the eyes and will be a breath of new air. There are many new shades of colors that the silk saree companies are experimenting. Women too are daring to wear different colors than the ones traditionally worn. So, the next time you are out shopping for a silk saree, don’t forget to pick a unique color saree.

rare saree colorsHere are some unique saree colors that you must try –

Turquoise Blue

The dark gaudy blue is out of fashion. Subtle and light in its look, turquoise blue is something that everyone wishes to wear. A turquoise blue silk saree with silver or gold zari threads on it will look absolutely stunning at events like weddings and receptions.

turquoise blue sareeMint Green

Looks like light colors are in. The mint green unlike darker shades of green is soothing to the eyes as well as very attractive. It stands out in a crowd and doesn’t fail to impress. Pick a mint green pattu saree with a darker border and blouse. This way you will be balancing the colors.

mint green sareeButterscotch Yellow

Butterscotch yellow is again a color that you ought to try, especially this summer. It will look absolutely stunning in the scorching sun. While a plain all yellow saree might seem boring, pick a one with some motifs or printes on it and don’t forget to pair it with a baby pink or fuchsia blouse.

butterscotch yellow sareeMagenta

Now this is one color that you must have a great self-confidence to pull off. Firstly because it is very dark and can really attract the spotlight. Also because it’s not a color that everyone wears often. But when worn in the right way, it can surely look amazing.

magenta sareeTissue Sarees

Get ready to shine in the summer sun. Because tissue sarees in gold, silver and pink colors surely will turn heads when you walk into a room. These sarees can also be paired with various blouses. So mix and match is no problem when you wear a metallic tissue saree.

metalic rose gold sareeBlack White and Grey

These three colors are a deadly combination. Not much times have they come together. The black, white and a blend of these two colors that is grey can all be combined in one saree and worn at simple events. To pep up the cool, wear a cool blouse like a t-shirt blouse or a formal shirt blouse. It will certainly be a statement wear for sure.

black and white grey sareeSo, these are all some rare and unique saree colors that you can try this season.


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