Fashion Trends How To Wear Modern Jewelry With Sarees To Achieve Indo Western Look!

How To Wear Modern Jewelry With Sarees To Achieve Indo Western Look!

Fusion is the new trend! We can see fusion in music, food and love. Why not in our fashion? So, the next time you open your closet and take out a traditional saree to wear for an event, do not opt for ethnic jewelry to go with it like always. Try something trendy and modern to go with the saree. It will be contemporary, yet elegant. There are many types of modern jewelry that you can opt from.

modern jewelry with traditional sareeHere are some ways in which you can wear your modern jewelry to create Indo-western look :

1. Funky Earrings

The market is filled with funky earrings that are available in strange shapes. I bet you would have many such pairs in your jewel box too. Bring them out as they are not just fit to go with your jeans and tops. They can look absolutely stunning when worn with matching sarees. Earrings of contemporary shapes go well with fancy sarees.

funky earrings with sarees2. Big Earrings

If you want a clean look yet a chic one, then you should go for big earrings. You get very huge ones that dangle from your ears and often steal the entire spotlight. They are just beautiful when worn with silk or handloom sarees. They give a neat look for any traditional event.

large earrings with saree3. Large Neck Pieces

If you are not an earrings person, then don’t worry. You can go for modern necklaces that are funky and hip. Huge necklaces are trending this season and if you want to keep it simple, yet create some drama, then you got to wear some of these.

large neck pieces

modern necklace4. Huge Silver Necklaces

It is hard not to love these when worn with simple handloom sarees. The large silver neck pieces go well even with your silk drapes. There are many types of silver necklaces such as multi layered necklace, silver beads necklace and silver pendant necklace. You can choose the one that you are comfortable wearing. (BUY HERE)

huge silver necklaces5. Long Necklaces

If large is not your type, then go for long. Long necklaces are a trend too. Especially long silver necklaces. They go well with cotton, chiffon and silk sarees. As they are long, they do not seek for attention, yet are visible. (BUY HERE)

long necklacelong necklace6. Quirky Gold Jewelry

Apart from traditional gold jewelry, you can find contemporary gold jewelry too. You can team them up with your desi sarees to look chic. It can be funky earrings or necklaces, modern gold jewelry goes well with all kinds of sarees be it silk or chiffon.

quirky gold jewelryThese are some ways in which you can wear modern jewelry with your traditional outfits and look absolutely gorgeous.


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