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Ten Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles For Wedding Parties!

It is wedding season once again and we are loving all the wedding looks that we are seeing around us. for all those people who are confused to choose the best hairstyle for the next wedding that you are attending, we bring to you some of the sought after hairstyles of your favorite celebrities. Wear these hairstyles and look like you are the best woman in any wedding that you set foot into. You are certainly going to make heads turn.

hairstyles of celebrities
Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles For Wedding Parties

So, here are some celebrity inspired hairstyles for the wedding season:

1. Tight Bun with Gajra

We loved the tight hair bun that Alia Bhatt wore to Akash Ambani’s engagement. You too can attend a wedding wearing a tight bun and adorning it with fresh flowers. It is a very ethnic look and suits any silk saree or traditional saree.

alia bhatt bun hairstyle akash ambani engagement

2. Soft Curls

Young actresses like Disha Patani and Kiara Advani wear their curls with so much confidence. The curls do not have to be prominent and many in number. Soft curls that are left free gel well with anarkali’s and salwar suits.

soft curls

3. Center Parted Tight Bun

If you have smooth, straight hair, then you can just part your hair at the center and make a tight bun at the back. This is a clean, simple look that goes well with simple cotton or fancy sarees. You can use large earrings or maang tika to pep up the look.

center parting bun

4. Bun with Dramatic Side Swept Bang

This one is a retro kind of a hairstyle. All you have to make is a bun at the back of the head. In the front, take few bangs of hair and make a side sweep that is dramatic and not very tight. It gives you a retro vibe and you can wear it with any fancy saree.

 Center Bun with Dramatic Side Swept Bang

5.  Side parted ponytail

If you are a young woman who doesn’t like much hairdo, then here is your style. It is trendy in style, yet keeps you young. This hairstyle goes well with indo-western wedding outfits.

 Smooth Semi High Pony with Side Swept Bang

6. Messy Low Side Bun 

And, if you love some drama in your hairstyle, make a low, side bun which is as messy as it can get. Well, this isn’t over yet because you have to sweep the bangs in the front to one side and look hip. This is a suitable hairstyle for cocktail dresses, gowns and sheer sarees.

Messy Low Side Bun with Side Swept Bang

7. Back Knot with a Slightly Messy Finish

A back knot is ideal for any wedding events because it goes well with sarees. It also takes less time to perfect this hairstyle. All you have to do is pull back your hair, make a knot or a bun at the back. Don’t use a comb because we are looking for a slightly messy finish. It is natural and elegant.

Back Knot with a Slightly Messy Finish

8. Side Braided Bun

This one is a super hit among youngsters in any wedding. You make small braids on both sides of your head. You bring them together and make a bun at the back of the head. You can use a maang tika if you want a more dramatic look. This hairstyle is good with any saree or suit.

Side Braided Bun

9. Thick Twisted Side Braid

If you have thick hair, make it useful just like Hansika in this picture. You can make a twisted side braid and loosen up the plaits to make it voluminous. Add glittery bands and hairpins to complete the festive look. This hairstyle goes well with silk sarees.

Thick Twisted Side Braid

10. Side Fishtail

Pull all your hair to one side and make a fishtail with it. You can loosen some bangs at the top of your head to make it look natural. Use hair accessories to make the hairdo attractive. Wear this hairstyle with salwar suits and sheer sarees.

Side Fishtail celebrity inspired hairstyles

These are some of the celebrity inspired hairstyles that you can wear at weddings.


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