Poetic Paithani Sarees

We women love all kind of sarees. When we hear the word silk sarees our sensors pop out right away. Will be Kanjeevaram or Banarasi? Well today let us talk about poetic Paithani sarees. Paithani sarees is an exclusive silk saree which is native to Maharashtra, India. It is named after the town that weaves them with so much love for all the world to see, called Paithan.

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In the earlier days, or like how a story is supposed to be told, once upon a time when Paithani sarees started getting hand woven, fine threads of gold were used for the border.

Style Hacks To Glam Up Your Plain Saree!

A plain saree is something every woman’s wardrobe is sure to have. Like it or not we all love to go plain and sober at times and why not after all, plain sarees have not lost their place from the fashion scene. Red, blue, yellow or black, plain sarees come in various colours and can also be styled in various ways to glam it up.

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From throwing in a statement neck piece to teaming it with a glamorous blouse, here are ways in which you can pep-up that otherwise boring plain saree!

1. Statement Neck Piece

A statement neckpiece can turn the table around for any attire. From bold silver, brass or gold necklaces to simple handmade ones which bring out the quirkiness in you, there are many accessories that blend seamlessly with a plain saree. You can also add in belts made up of leather, beads, and metals, to accentuate your waist.

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2. Play With Blouses

The Lighter Must Have Designer Sarees

When we know it is a saree night for the gathering, we start ruffling through our designer saree collection most likely ending up loading up on the bling more than we think as most of our designer sarees are rather heavy. We pick them to wear for receptions and all. For such exclusive occasions we need to have some lighter designer sarees. Here is a quick guide on how to go about it.

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When you pick out a light designer saree opt for lighter fresher colors. This gives a young energy and gives you a new look altogether. All pastels, shades like mauve, beige are

7 Gorgeous Saree Pallu Drapes Style

The best thing that every woman loves about a saree is its versatility. You can wear a saree in “N” number of styles and create a different look for yourself every time. How beautiful it looks when you see such beautiful drapes created out from a 6 yard fabric. If you are a saree lover then you seriously need to learn some easy saree pallu drapes. Let’s break the monotony of saree pallu and let you know 7 gorgeous saree pallu drapes style that you can try and look chic everyday.

Pleated Pallu but keep it loose at the waist

Most of the women think that pleated pallu is equal to a boring style but they are quite wrong here. All that they need to learn is some style. Check out how the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor have managed to get an ultra stylish look with a pleated pallu. You need to leave the pallu a little loose from the waist and see the magic.

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Pleated Pallu Draped Around Neck

How To Look The Perfect South Indian Bride

Once your wedding is fixed people start off rambling about the perfect bridal Kanjeevaram saree if you have to wear one.  There is enough and more googling done, photographs and videos of other weddings in the family revisited and the people around you arrive at a conclusion as to how your wedding saree should be. This post helps you to get some pointers on being a perfect south Indian bride.

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Predominantly the bridal saree is suggested to be in shades of red and maroon. The main reason being the fact, that as a bride you need to look unique and bright. So when you are going to shop for your bridal saree keep all these in mind.