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32 Exotic Sheer Back Blouses For Pattu Sarees

Sheer back blouses are truly exotic. The best thing about them is that they pair so very well with all the fancy designer sarees. But did you know that they look equally interesting with your elegant pattu sarees? Be it a heavy Kanjeevaram or a light soft silk sheer back blouses blends beautifully with it.

Sheer Back Blouses For Pattu SareesSheer Back Blouses For Pattu SareesWhen it comes to stitching sheer back blouses we are sure you will have a lot of questions. The first of many being, will it look nice on you? Well the answer is simple. Since there is fabric that makes it look like you have a deep neck, but not exactly so it will

This Boutique Creates The Most Stunning Wedding Blouse Designs

How many of you brides to be have always wished that your bridal look should be spot on? Be it your bridal saree, your wedding blouse, jewelry everything? Well, we are sure every bride or every girl wishes that. To make your dream come true of the most stunning bridal blouses you should check out these beautiful designer blouses designed by Needle Eye.

latest maggam work blouse designs for pattu silk sarees needle eye boutique

Needle Eye is a designer boutique that caters to almost all bridal needs. It is a one stop bridal shop from where you can literally complete your trousseau. However, you should be

8 Awesome Back Neck Designs For Your Blouses

Choosing the neck design for your blouses is honestly quite the task. It should suit the kind of saree you are picking, it should suit you and also the kind of things you are planning to add on to your blouse. In short necklines of the blouse are as important as the blouse itself. So here we try to help you by giving you the latest awesome back neck designs for your blouses that are totally in vogue right now.

Awesome Back Neck Designs For Your Blouses1. Blouse designs with Tassels

Magic Of The Sheer Blouses

Sarees are timeless and a wardrobe staple for every Indian woman. The beautiful attire graces the look of every Indian woman. But what makes the saree look complete is the blouse. Blouses are the most important aspect in a saree and we all love to experiment with new blouse designs and styles. Today, let’s talk about the most trending blouse style – the sheer blouses or net blouses.

sheer transparent net blouse designs

The sheer blouses are designed with a bit of sheer fabric on it; which means you can show off your skin in a very modest way. The trick of the pattern is that it shows off a wee

5 Super Cool Latest Saree Blouse Patterns

Wondering how to get your saree look on point? Well the answer is in the fancy blouse pattern that you choose. You can always opt for a trendy saree jacket design to make you look stylish and yet comfy in your traditional attire. Here are some super cool blouse patterns that are totally trending right now!!

1. Racer Back Blouse

A racer back saree blouse design is perfect for someone who loves blouses with an athletic touch. The racer back looks really interesting and you can spruce it up with cut backs and more additions to modify the racer back a little bit. Perfect for fancy and cocktail sarees.

Uber Cool Blouse Patterns Uber Cool Blouse Patterns2. Blouse Patterns with Bows and Ties