Blouse neck designs

Blouse Designs With Borders

When we buy a saree the first thing we think of is what would be the blouse pattern. In the earlier days all blouses had the border in the back, at the hem of the blouse and on the sleeves. It was the standard thing. Nowadays there are so many blouse patterns for innovative ways to use the border and not throw it away. Here are some of those trending border blouse patterns.

saree blouse design with borders 600x501

1. Blouse Designs with Big Borders

Top 8 Most Trending Blouse Back Neck Designs For 2017

Even if you are wearing the most stunning saree but haven’t paired it with a trendy blouse design, the entire grace of the saree will be lost. Yes, and the fact is even if you are not wearing the most beautiful saree but pairing it with the trendy blouse designs then you can make that saree stand out of the crowd. In the blouse patterns also, the blouse back neck designs especially plays a major role in adding the glam quotient to a saree. So, for all the lovely ladies out there, here we are bringing the top 8 most trending blouse back neck designs for 2017.

1. Cut Out Blouse Back Neck Designs

If you have a very glam back to flaunt then wear the cut out blouse back neck designs and grab everyone’s eyeballs. The back cut out blouse design can be of any shape that you prefer to wear like circular, heart shaped, triangular, rectangular, square etc.

geometric cut out blouse back neck designs 600x590cut out blouse back neck designs 600x590

2. High Back Neck Blouse with Zipper Closure