Blouse neck designs

Blouse Back Designs

Blouses can make or break the look of your beautiful saree. When you have a blouse of a great fit then rest assured you are going to rock the event that day. When you are getting a blouse stitched there are various ways in which you can design the back of the blouse each adding glam in its own way. Here are some fail proof blouse back neck designs that you can opt with all kinds of sarees.

1. Buttoned BackĀ 

For all you high neck fans adding some pretty bobs and buttons be it big or small pearl buttons makes your blouse quite fancy. It looks great even if you want to try a racer back or a closed neck or even a sheer back. Try adding cloth buttons or take fabric from saree to make those matching buttons!

Blouse Back Designs Blouse Back Designs2. Sheer back with embroidery