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Blouse Patterns For Cotton Sarees This Summer

As the scorching summer approaches starched cotton sarees in beautiful pastel shades make more and more appearances. It would be unfair to wear same old blouses for these cotton sarees as they are going be worn till the end of summer. You need something cool and pretty to enhance the saree. Here are some blouse patterns for Cotton sarees.

blouse designs with cotton sarees 600x419

1. Sleeveless Blouse

Flower Power for the Next Wedding: Decoding Florals

Weddings are all about laughter, dancing, a lot of pretty pictures and a treasure trove of memories. With the wedding season in full swing have you thought of trying out florals to wear for these weddings? If not, well start planning already. It is spring and florals are a must!!

1. Floral Lehengas

You be a bride or a guest who attends the wedding. A lehenga is obviously on the list. Why don’t you try out a floral lehenga instead of the usual ones? They look breezy and beautiful and can perk up the ambiance big time. You can always wear these at least for the pre-wedding ceremonies, as florals would add just the right amount of glamour to your mehendi ceremony!

floral lehengas 1 600x518 floral lehengas 600x5182. Floral Anarkalis

Blouse Designs With Borders

When we buy a saree the first thing we think of is what would be the blouse pattern. In the earlier days all blouses had the border in the back, at the hem of the blouse and on the sleeves. It was the standard thing. Nowadays there are so many blouse patterns for innovative ways to use the border and not throw it away. Here are some of those trending border blouse patterns.

saree blouse design with borders 600x501

1. Blouse Designs with Big Borders

Cutwork Blouse Designs: Perfect for Your Kanjeevarams

Like we always say, blouse patterns can never be too many. At times, especially when we are looking for something unique for a special occasion the confusion mounts up all the more and we are finally left with the same old pattern. When a special occasion arises, please do not think anything beyond cutwork blouses.

cutwork blouse 1 600x455 cutwork blouse 3 600x455

What is cutwork? Well, as the name suggests cutwork involves working on fabric and

Jazz Up Your Blouse with Buttons and Tassels

Plain saree blouses are relatively more sober and almost a little boring. A blouse needs to have a little something, be it a slightly different cut, a different sleeve, style even if you want it to be plain. If you are not very comfortable with different kind of sleeves etc. then the easiest way to make your blouse eye catching is the usage of buttons and tassels.

buttons tassels blouse 600x5061.Buttons

When you think buttons, please do not get those whitish small “buttons” in your mind. The fancy buttons for your blouses are way too cooler and there is so much intricate work that goes into it. So how can you show off these buttons?

 Sheer back neck