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How To Pair A White Blouse With Pattu Sarees

Pattu saree and its blouse pairings have always been given enough attention. But the fact that we can create numerous looks with multiple pairings is always at the back of our minds. Contrast colors, same colors or even base color options are the most popular nonetheless. How about pairing your favorite pattu saree with a white blouse? You think its odd? Well not at all.

How To Pair A White Blouse WIth Pattu SareesIn the olden times it was very common to pair up all the sarees with a simple white

Plain Blouses With Silk Sarees – A Classy Pairing

Each time we pick up a silk saree, be it Kanjeevaram or a Banarasi or a Jamdani or any kind we tend to want to pair it with a heavy blouse. Top choices for pattu saree blouses include brocade, a heavy maggam work or an aari work blouse. Have you ever given it a thought that simple plain blouses can also look elegant when paired with a silk saree? Plain blouses have this certain charm and they can in fact make sure your beautiful pattu saree gets all the attention. This can work even with bridal silk sarees.Plain Blouses With Silk SareesPlain Blouses With Silk Sarees

1. Sleeveless Plain Blouses

Ikat Blouses: An Easy Choice When You are Confused!

Ikat is such a tantalizing weave. The way the fabric comes out is so beautiful that we use it for a whole variety of dress options right from an Ikat saree to the more interesting Ikat Anarkalis and Ikat half sarees. How about using the same thing and make Ikat blouses? These are gaining popularity now and with the major rage of mixing and matching Ikat blouses are topping the charts.

Ikat blousesIkat blousesSo with what kind of sarees does one match Ikat blouses?  It is very easy. Ikat blouses

10 Beautiful Sleeve Embroidery Ideas For A Bridal Blouse

Bridal blouses are literally a pride. They have to be done just right with the correct work be it maggam work or zardosi or aari and blended with the right fabric. The bridal saree and blouse are as important and the required glory is given to them. How about some beautiful sleeve embroidery ideas that would elevate the entire blouse? Since sleeves are the most visible part of the blouse you can get it done in a beautiful way.

Sleeves Embroidery For bridal blouses

  1. This would be the ideal bridal blouse if you were planning on a light single color saree. You can totally change the look with this heavy stone work blouse especially at the sleeves. You can pair this with diamond jewelry to add to the glam.Stone Sleeves Embroidery For bridal blouses2. This blouse is similar to the previous one except that the sleeve embroidery also has sequins and stones done in an artful way. This would work well for light color bridal sarees.

Taj Mahal Blouses – The Latest Trend!

Every season we have certain trends that literally make us go wow. That could be because the design is so captivating and also because we wonder why did this not come about earlier. Even in prints and weaves the reaction is quite the same. Now the latest trend in blouses is the famous Taj Mahal blouses. The monument of love that has been around for ages replicated in saree blouses! Wow!! Why was it not thought of earlier?

Taj Mahal Blouses
Pic Courtesy: Ayush Kejriwal
Taj Mahal Blouses
Pic Courtesy: Ayush Kejriwal

These Taj Mahal blouses are perfect for everyone who loves wearing the “in trend” stuff.