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5 Blouse Designs To Flaunt This Festive Season

Festive season calls for saree dressing and blouses play a major role in completing the traditional attire. But, if you are looking to experiment with something different and fun with your blouses, we are here to help! Today we bring you 5 latest blouse styles to try out this festive season and some tips and tricks to style them.

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Cape Blouses

Add More Sunshine With These 5 Best Blouse Combinations For Yellow Kanjeevarams

Yellow Kanjeevaram sarees are a part of almost everyone’s wardrobe. They spread a warm cheerful glow and suit almost all skin tones. You can change the look of the saree by pairing it with different color blouses. Here are the five best blouse combinations for yellow sarees that we feel will look awesome.

5 Best Blouse Combinations For Yellow Kanjeevarams

1. Yellow Saree With Yellow Blouse

15 Awesome Blouses Sported by Samantha Prabhu

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is undoubtedly one of the finest stars of today. She is beautiful, has amazing fashion sense . In numerous events she attends there is an eclectic mix of clothes she prefers and each one is better than the previous. Today let us get some serious inspiration and check out 15 awesome blouses of Samantha.

1. The Subtle Off Shoulder Blouse

The beautiful off shoulder blouse Samantha wore for her engagement was a stunner. So subtle yet festive it was a perfect mix and suited the modern day bride.

Samantha off shoulder blouse

2. The Cape Style Blouse

Samantha was one of the first to sport the fancy cape blouse. As unique as she is, the cape was also equally unique and it worked so well even with the simple saree.

3. The Heavy Sabyasachi Blouse

When Samantha dolled up in the heavy Sabyasachi blouse for Akhil’s engagement she looked remarkable. This full sleeve blouse with heavy and intricate work surely belongs in one of the 15 awesome blouses she has worn.

15 awesome blouses of Samantha

4. The Ruffled Blouse

The green ruffled blouse that she wore for Iifa Awards was surely glam. In trend always, she rocked this risqué style without any issues.

15 awesome blouses of Samantha

5. The Plain Black Boat Neck Blouse

A plain black full sleeve boat neck blouse is usually normal. But Samantha worked it around a simple white saree and made the effect nothing less than stunning.

15 awesome blouses of Samantha

6. Mirror Work Blouse

If you want to know how to pair a heavy mirror work blouse with a simple saree please check this out. A multi-color mirror work blouse has been paired with such a simple saree and it looks lovely.

7. Shirt Style Blouse

At the recent Behind Woods event, Samantha gave everyone lessons on how to wear a saree with a shirt style blouse. The belt, the accessories, everything is on point.

15 awesome blouses of Samantha

8. The White Bell Sleeves Blouse

Samantha is a true fashionista. You can see that when she paired her mother’s saree with this gorgeous bell sleeve shirt style blouse. Don’t you think this should obviously be on the 15 awesome blouses?

15 awesome blouses of Samantha

9. The Sheer Full Sleeves Blouse

If you feel that the sheer full sleeve was out of style, think again. A plain saree topped with a sheer embroidered full sleeves is fabulous.

10. Sheer High Neck Blouse

Samantha shows off the sheer high neck blouse in style and adds oomph to the simple saree.

15 awesome blouses of Samantha

11. The Printed Long Blouse

When we wear a printed saree, we team it up with a plain blouse. Samantha shows that you can rock it even with a printed blouse, however simple the style of the blouse may be!

15 awesome blouses of Samantha

12. The Elegant High Neck Blouse

In the same way she pairs a rather simple silk saree with a same color high neck blouse. These are simple tips to look so amazing with very less bling added to your blouses.

13. Pocket Blouse

Wearing a saree blouse with wood buttons and pockets is so cool. The way Samantha does it gives us major goals as to how we can re-style the saree.

15 awesome blouses of Samantha

14. Tie-Up Blouse

Red and Black can never go wrong. At an event Samantha rocked the scene with a tie-up black zari and zardosi blouse by Tisha Saksena.

15 awesome blouses of Samantha15. Quirky Print Blouse

Pairing a plain saree with a quirky print blouse is so much in vogue. She does just that in style.

15 awesome blouses of Samantha
These 15 awesome blouses are not just for this star. You  can in fact totally replicate it this festive season!!

6 Trendy Blouse Designs Rocking in 2017

Blouse designs are so many. You can change the entire look of you in a saree depending on the blouse you wear. Gone are the days when your saree look had to look traditional and demure. Now a days saree looks are so much fun and with some trendy blouse designs you can always look on point. Let us now explore six of these trendy blouse designs that have created a wave in 2017.


1. Ruffles Blouse

A definite wardrobe must have – Patchwork Blouses!

Versatility is the key element when it comes to investing in an outfit. Be it a saree or a saree blouse, it is very essential for it to be versatile enough as these evergreen outfits would last for long. Talking about versatility, who wouldn’t love to invest in blouses that would match a number of sarees in our wardrobe? Well, we all want to create fun and innovative different looks with our saree blouses. So today, we bring you multi colored patchwork saree blouses that would work beautifully with almost every other saree in your wardrobe.
Patchwork Blouses

The beauty of patchwork blouses is that they are bold and allow you to wear with saree of almost any color. However, it is best to stick to a solid colored saree as there is enough