Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees

Sleeveless Blouses For An Instant Glam Up Look

How easy is it to spoil the entire look of a saree with a bad blouse? Well it is one easy reason that your whole look gets ruined. You probably have not stitched the right style of blouse. When there are so many patterns available we understand the confusion you would be in to narrow down on the right choice. A word of advice. If you are confused of which pattern of blouse you need to choose and if the pattern you are trying to pick might just about ruin your look, go in for sleeveless blouses.

sleeveless blouses for sarees1 600x600 sleeveless blouses for sarees5 600x600

Sleeveless blouses are not as “risqué” as you think it is. You can do it the way you want to. Opt for a contrast deep neck simple sleeveless blouse with piped edges and tassels for

Some Interesting Blouse Patterns For Your Sarees

Blouse patterns can never be too many. Here are some interesting blouse patterns that are very unique and you will surely get so many compliments for them.

1. Ruffles Blouse

Ruffles is totally in right now, we are sure you would have seen how beautiful Samantha looked for Iifa 2017 in that gorgeous green ruffled concoction.

samantha prabhu handloom saree ruffle blouse sailesh singhania iifa utsavam awards 1 600x469

So here are two really interesting ruffled blouse patterns that you can try with your sarees. More suited for evening wear a must have for the fashion forward.

interesting blouse patterns ruffled blouse 1 600x6002. Embellished Blouses

8 Stunning Blouse Patterns for Banarasi Silk Sarees

The Banarasi trend is a huge rage this season and is definitely here to stay. The major comeback of Banarasi silks can be spotted almost everywhere from fashion week runways to weddings and festivities. Women love to flaunt the rich fabric in various other styles but no outfit can element the beauty of the fabric as much as the saree. A Banarasi saree is a treasure in every woman’s wardrobe and what better way to enhance the beauty of the saree than with a stunning blouse?! So, here we bring you 8 trending blouse patterns for your evergreen banarasi sarees.

blouse designs for banarasi silk sarees 600x5431. Banarasi Saree with Full Sleeves Embroidered Blouse

Add Color To Orange Kanjeevaram Sarees With These Four Contrast Blouse Options

Orange is a fiery fancy color. A color that complements most skin tones and is available in plenty of hues and shades, an orange Kanjeevaram would be awesome. A heavy orange Kanjeevaram can become too much of the same color. Why don’t you try one of these contrast blouse options that would help you break the monotone and add some zing to your orange Kanjeevaram?

FI orange kanjeevaram contrast blouse 593x600

1. Purple or Violet Blouse