Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees

Interesting Bridal Blouse Designs For This Season!!

Blouse designs are always so much to do. When it comes to bridal blouse designs it is more than a handful. The right embroidery, the right fabric, the correct kind of neck and sleeve designs that would work perfectly is suggested by almost everyone. When thinking of bridal blouse designs, the first thing is if the bride would be able to carry it off. Another thing is would it suit the occasion. Like someone will want the bride to wear a stone studded armor kind of blouse for a simple pre wedding ceremony.

bridal blouses2 600x578 bridal blouses1 600x578For every occasion a special blouse can be designed that depicts not just the contrast or the basics that is followed in bridal blouse legacy. We can do a lot more like incorporating

Sleeveless Blouses For Kanjeevaram Sarees

We all love to experiment with blouse combos with our sarees. Our traditional sarees like Kanjeevarams are our pride. We try out a lot more traditional blouses with these kinds of sarees. A puff sleeve or a brocade blouse is what we regularly go for. So how about trying sleeveless blouses with Kanjeevaram sarees? Yes we see your eyebrows go up now in thought!!

kajneevaram silk saree with sleeveless blouse 577x600 sleeveless blouse with kanjeevaram saree 550x600

Sleeveless blouses are a very interesting and trending alternative for regular blouses for Kanjeevaram sarees. Do you feel it will not do justice to your rich Kanjeevaram saree? Trust us on this one.  Sleeveless blouses can be equally elegant and enthralling. There are

The Timeless Style: Puff Sleeve Blouses

Puff sleeve blouses have been around like forever. They have probably undergone variations like those raised puff sleeves in the nineties or the vintage gauzy puff sleeves back in the past. Nonetheless puff sleeve blouses remind us all of something girly and so this is a popular choice when we give a blouse pattern.

puff sleeve blouses 600x600 puff sleeve blouses7 600x600

Puff sleeve blouses are a perfect bridal choice as they give that coy feminine appeal to it. Though there are multiple ways to get his done we are a little partial to the short sleeve with that delicate puff which has been pleated and folded and stitched into the sleeve so

Keeping It High: High Neck Blouses Are Here To Stay

High neck blouses for sarees are here to stay. They are classy, elegant and yet suit almost all kinds of sarees from the fancy designer ones to sedate silk sarees. There are so many styles and patterns of high neck blouses that you can work your way through. Here are some interesting and easy high neck blouse design options that would pair up with all kinds of sarees in your wardrobe.

1. Boat Neck Blouse

A high neck option that has literally invaded everyone’s wardrobe is the boat neck option. Interesting a pattern and classy when worn you should surely be having a few of the boat neck blouses. You can make this your main blouse for all your sarees in the near future.

high neck blouses boat neck 600x600 high neck blouses boat neck1 600x6002. Button Down Blouse

Button Back Blouse Designs

Add a touch of style to your blouses with these evergreen button back blouse designs. Saree blouses with trendy cut out patterns, sheer back necks or even on elegant silk blouses, the buttons will always take the glamour quotient up by a notch. Take a look at these trending button back neck blouse designs and let us know your favorite in the below comment box.

Button Back Blouse Designs 1 600x509 Button Back Blouse Designs 600x509