Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees

Big Border Blouse Patterns For Your Kanjeevarams

When we buy a heavy Kanjeevaram saree then we obviously start thinking about a heavy work blouse. It could be maggam work, zardosi or even gold thread work.  The blouse fabric that comes with the saree is normally not used. Else we go for a plain blouse to balance out the heavy saree. This time take out one of those blouse materials that has come with the saree for big border blouse patterns.

big border blouse patterns 600x452 big border blouse patterns1 600x456

A big border blouse was totally in vogue in the earlier days. The heavy border of the Kanjeevaram saree was used to advantage to show off and the sleeve length was around

Blouse Designs With Borders

When we buy a saree the first thing we think of is what would be the blouse pattern. In the earlier days all blouses had the border in the back, at the hem of the blouse and on the sleeves. It was the standard thing. Nowadays there are so many blouse patterns for innovative ways to use the border and not throw it away. Here are some of those trending border blouse patterns.

saree blouse design with borders 600x501

1. Blouse Designs with Big Borders

Cutwork Blouse Designs: Perfect for Your Kanjeevarams

Like we always say, blouse patterns can never be too many. At times, especially when we are looking for something unique for a special occasion the confusion mounts up all the more and we are finally left with the same old pattern. When a special occasion arises, please do not think anything beyond cutwork blouses.

cutwork blouse 1 600x455 cutwork blouse 3 600x455

What is cutwork? Well, as the name suggests cutwork involves working on fabric and

Trend Alert!! Animal and Bird Motif Saree Blouses

Dear ladies, if your designer or tailor has been suggesting you to stop on the flower embroidery on your saree blouses and start off with animal and bird motif, trust us you have found a gold mine. Animal and bird motif on saree blouses have swept in and stolen the thunder. Everyone we see has these done on their blouses. Let us help you with a few ideas.

animal bird motif blouse designs 600x538

1. Animal Motif Blouses