Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees

6 Must Have Styles Of Sleeveless Blouses For A Complete Wardrobe

Gone are the days when sleeveless blouses are associated with only the fancy funky girls. Now-a-days almost everyone has a trusted sleeveless blouse that they pair with most sarees. Be it Kanjeevaram sarees or fancy ones, a  sleeveless blouse is the way forward. Here are 6 of the much needed styles of it.

sleeveless blouse designs

1. Simple And Solid Sleeveless Blouses

High Neck Blouses Stealing The Show In 2017

Saree blouses are of so many different patterns. Each one is awesome and there are certain patterns that suit traditional sarees better than your fancy sarees and vice versa. However there are certain blouse designs that works splendidly well with all kinds of sarees. High neck blouses are one of those blouse designs that can add glam and elegance for any kind of sarees.

high neck blouseshigh neck blousesHigh neck blouses can be literally classified into so many kinds. The ones with a light collar, more like a Chinese collar. You can have jeweled high neck blouses too. They look really nice with simpler sarees, and you can let the blouse do the talking. Another

This Boutique Creates The Most Stunning Wedding Blouse Designs

How many of you brides to be have always wished that your bridal look should be spot on? Be it your bridal saree, your wedding blouse, jewelry everything? Well, we are sure every bride or every girl wishes that. To make your dream come true of the most stunning bridal blouses you should check out these beautiful designer blouses designed by Needle Eye.

latest maggam work blouse designs for pattu silk sarees needle eye boutique

Needle Eye is a designer boutique that caters to almost all bridal needs. It is a one stop bridal shop from where you can literally complete your trousseau. However, you should be

Top Trending Gorgeous Blouse Patterns For Pattu Sarees

When it comes to Pattu sarees or silk sarees they are literally an item of pride. The fact that these are exclusive and unique and have so many things attributed to them we never want to go wrong when we stitch a blouse for a Pattu saree. So we be safe and go for a simple blouse or a puff sleeves or an embroidered blouse. Well ladies, presenting the top trending blouse patterns for pattu sarees that we are sure you will love!!

1. Blouse Designs Embroidered with Goddesses

Deep Back Neck Blouses: The Easiest Way To Look Glamorous

When we think about making a lasting impression with a saree, there are so many ways that you can do so. Now that there are so many festivals you have a lot of chances to show off in awesome sarees. When you want to look glam and yet not show off quite a bit, you can try out the easiest way. Look for deep back neck blouses!!

Deep back neck blousesDeep back neck blousesDeep back neck blouses are as timeless and as refreshing as anything alluring. They give you a total lady like feel with the way the neckline is created and you can team this up