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This season, full sleeved blouses are definitely in. When you decide to go full-sleeved however, it is important to get them stitched with the right fabric and the right design so that they add that oomph and glamour to your saree. Here are ten full sleeved blouse designs that can help you with just that.

1. High Collar Neck Full Sleeves Blouse

Add a sparkly, fully embroidered collar to your full sleeved blouse. Sridevi and Deepika often pick the full sleeved, collared blouse also known as Maharani blouse and they show us how to look absolutely stunning and regal in it.

deepika full sleeve

sridevi full length

2. Collar Neck Full Sleeves Blouse with Transparent Neckline and Sleeves:

Going  transparent on your sleeves and collar is a great way to do the full sleeved blouse. Tamanna pulls it off with perfection.



3. Closed Neck Full Sleeves Blouse:

Make your full length sleeved blouse a high-neck. A high-neck blouse without a collar is still going to make you look like the queen that you are!


vidya balan blouse designs


3. Boat Neck Full Sleeves Blouse with Transparent Neckline and Sleeves:

Here’s how you can make your full-sleeved boat neck blouse transparent, and look absolutely fabulous, the way that Kajol here does.

kajol_boat Neck_net_blouse


4. Full Sleeves Brocade Blouse:

Brocade acts a certain sheen to your full-sleeved blouse. Team up your kanjeevarams with a brocade full sleeved blouse to add that glam factor to it.


brocade full sleeves blouse

5. Half and Half Long Sleeves 

Shimmer up the first half of your sleeve and go ethnic on the second half. The way that Shamili here does it is utterly gorgeous.



6. Mirror Work Full Sleeves Blouse:

Add some gorgeous mirror work through the sleeves of your full sleeved blouse. Nothing makes a blouse magical like mirror work does.

full sleeved mirror work blouse



7. Puff Sleeves Blouse:

Adding a puff to your full sleeved blouse is still in. To add to that, it makes you look like a queen or a princess from the time of kingdoms!

full_sleeves_saree_blouse_with_puff_sleeves long_sleeves_blouse_with_puff_sleeves

8. Long Sleeves Blouse with Lace Sleeves:

Lace up the sleeves of your full sleeved blouse. Lace is always in and classy. Priyanka and Kajal show you how to do it.





9. Backless Full Sleeves Blouse: 



10. Boat Neck Full Sleeves Blouse

susmitha sen saree



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Be it with her outfits, hair-dos or jewellery, Samantha (and her stylist) see to it that there is nothing boring or dreary about them. We especially love Samantha like playing with her blouse designs, sporting some of the most off-beat, beautiful and never-worn-before designs triggering off many a fashion trends.

Among all of the best blouse designs Samantha sported, here are a few of them which are so totally drool-worthy that we just got to love them – and yes, ape them!

1. The Mirror-work blouse

The mirror work blouse by Arpita Mehta that Samantha wore for an opening event is one of the best of her saree blouses yet. We love how it looks so beautiful and so simple – a work of sheer perfection!

Samantha in Arpita Mehta blouse

2. The Cape blouse

At Rabhasa audio launch, Samantha proved yet again that she can try something that’s never been tried before and pull it off like a pro. The cape went really well with the Saree and blouse and her attire had a very sophisticated, urbane look to it.

Samantha with a cape in rabhasa audio launch


3. The lace black corset blouse

This corset blouse that Samantha sported that we just got to love. Lace, we know brings a class to just about any outfit and when it’s bodice and when it’s woven beautifully into a floral design, and then, when it is Samantha who’s wearing it – it ought to look great!

samantha in a black bodice blouse

4. In an ethnic, elbow length sleeves blouse

Samantha donned an ethnic red blouse to go with her kalamkari saree for an awards event and this, too, is one of the best blouses she’s sported. With barley-there work that added a light glitter to the blouse, it was high boat neck both on the back and the front and had cute little puffs on to the shoulder. We loved how Samantha looked super-elegant in it!

Samantha at Santosham awards

5. Black boat neck blouse

There were many boat neck blouses that Samantha sported but none of them oozed a very beautiful ethnic charm like this one did. With mirrors and slight gold work, it looked great, going especially well with the bright red Saree. This blouse, we’d say would in fact go with just about any Saree that one would like to team it up with.

samantha in satyamurthy audio launch

6. In a boat neck cut work blouse

The Frou Frou Saree that Samantha donned for one of the events in recent past literally made waves in the fashion industry for the way that she teamed it up with a belt and that gorgeous cut work blouse. Made with net, the pastel pink boat necked blouse that she wore on the Saree looked like it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Samantha in a frou frou outfit

7. In a shimmery high-neck blouse

To go along perfectly well with a glittery, dhoti Saree that Samantha wore to an event, she teamed it up with an equally shimmery, high neck corset blouse that looked great on not just the Saree but on her as well.

Samantha in dhoti Saree

8. In a shimmery blouse to go with a Kanjeevaram

When Sam wore a shimmery blouse to match with a Kanjeevaram, it started off a trend! Who knew that we could pair glittery, shimmery blouses with Kanjeevarams and make them look so great together? The way the blouse was full-sleeved and the work that was done on it, all added to the look of the Saree.

Samantha in a Kanjeevaram

9. In a long sleeved, worked-upon blouse

At a recent fashion show, Samantha walked the ramp in a pink Saree that she teamed with a long sleeved pink blouse that was worked upon with beautiful gold motifs. And needless to say, that’s a blouse idea that’s so good that we should steal an idea or two from the design. The bow at the back did good to it as well. We only wish that it could been a wee bit tighter to fit Sam’s slender body perfectly.

Samantha at a fashion show

10.  Closed Neck Blouse

The way that Samantha paired up this gorgeous yellow Kanjeevaram with a raw silk green closed-neck blouse is just perfect. This is definitely a blouse design we should try out – especially since it is so simple to make and to wear.

Samantha in a yellow kanjeevraram saree

11. Pink, puff sleeved blouse

If there’s one way to wear puff-up your blouse, that would definitely be this way that Samantha puffed it. To go with her Kanjeevaram, the pink puff sleeved blouse was done beautifully and to add to it, the beautiful borders with a hint of gold threadwork on them made it great. And as for Samantha she was overloaded with cuteness!
Samantha at woman's world opening

12. Sequined, high-collar blouse

Samantha’s sequined, high-collar blouse that she wore to go along with a gorgeous gold lehenga for the Memu Saitham event was stunning, to say the least. This is a design that exudes elegance and can go with most sarees in our wardrobe – every reason to try it out.

Samantha in a gold sequined blouse