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Adorable Cut Out Blouse Back Neck Designs

Fashion fades with time, but the classic sarees will always remain evergreen. Fashion enthusiasts love to experiment new styles with the wardrobe staple and today we bring you a variety of cut out blouse back designs.

Be it any designer saree, kanjeevaram silk saree or even a simple cotton saree, the blouse always compliments the saree and makes a world of a difference to your ethnic look. Add an extra amount of style and classiness to your saree look with trendy cut out back designs. Enhance them with hand embroidery, buttons, laces, knots or just leave them plain. The trendy design can be flaunted by anyone and at any occasion. Cut out designs are usually high on the back neck which ensures the extra grip on your shoulder thus making it very comfortable. They are a wonderful option for festivities, wedding occasions and even formal office wear blouses. With the right embellishments the statement pattern can instantly make heads turn at any occasion.

So let’s take a look at the trendiest cut out back neck blouse designs for you to gain inspiration from. This design is undoubtedly the perfect combination of comfort and style. What more can a women ask for? Check it out and flaunt them before anyone else does. 🙂

cut out blouse back neck models 600x505cut out saree blouse designs 600x505

Sleeveless Blouses For Kanjeevaram Sarees

We all love to experiment with blouse combos with our sarees. Our traditional sarees like Kanjeevarams are our pride. We try out a lot more traditional blouses with these kinds of sarees. A puff sleeve or a brocade blouse is what we regularly go for. So how about trying sleeveless blouses with Kanjeevaram sarees? Yes we see your eyebrows go up now in thought!!

kajneevaram silk saree with sleeveless blouse 577x600 sleeveless blouse with kanjeevaram saree 550x600

Sleeveless blouses are a very interesting and trending alternative for regular blouses for Kanjeevaram sarees. Do you feel it will not do justice to your rich Kanjeevaram saree? Trust us on this one.  Sleeveless blouses can be equally elegant and enthralling. There are


When it comes to saree blouses, we love to experiment and play around with hundreds of different styles. But if you want to go all bold and make a fashion statement with your saree blouse then check out these tips and tricks to flaunt the trending cape blouses. Cape blouses are sure to be a head turner and will effortlessly make you win the saree look.

cape blouses with sarees 600x420

If you want to invest in a versatile cape and mix and match with a variety of other outfits, then a neutral shaded sheer cape is the one to go for. Sheer capes with heavy

Keeping It High: High Neck Blouses Are Here To Stay

High neck blouses for sarees are here to stay. They are classy, elegant and yet suit almost all kinds of sarees from the fancy designer ones to sedate silk sarees. There are so many styles and patterns of high neck blouses that you can work your way through. Here are some interesting and easy high neck blouse design options that would pair up with all kinds of sarees in your wardrobe.

1. Boat Neck Blouse

A high neck option that has literally invaded everyone’s wardrobe is the boat neck option. Interesting a pattern and classy when worn you should surely be having a few of the boat neck blouses. You can make this your main blouse for all your sarees in the near future.

high neck blouses boat neck 600x600 high neck blouses boat neck1 600x6002. Button Down Blouse

Sheer Back Neck Blouse Patterns

Sarees are a timeless classic and are most preferred by every age group. Be it any occasion, the graceful attire will never let you down. Amongst all varieties, the sheer net saree blouses have been a huge rage. The sheer net pattern on your blouses shows a tiny bit of your skin taking the glamour quotient up by a notch. So if you want to look classy and glamorous at the same time, try out such trendy patterns and rock in them!

Here are some sheer net saree blouse design ideas:

Trendy Pattern Blouses 1 600x513 Sheer Neck Pattern Blouses 600x513