Blouse models

Jazz Up Your Blouse with Buttons and Tassels

Plain saree blouses are relatively more sober and almost a little boring. A blouse needs to have a little something, be it a slightly different cut, a different sleeve, style even if you want it to be plain. If you are not very comfortable with different kind of sleeves etc. then the easiest way to make your blouse eye catching is the usage of buttons and tassels.

buttons tassels blouse 600x5061.Buttons

When you think buttons, please do not get those whitish small “buttons” in your mind. The fancy buttons for your blouses are way too cooler and there is so much intricate work that goes into it. So how can you show off these buttons?

 Sheer back neck

Must Have Contemporary Blouse Options

Youngsters are trying to embrace tradition in their own sweet ways. Sarees have become a go to option for them also when it comes to occasions like weddings. If you are starting to orient yourself to more saree wearing but do not have much blouses make sure you have these blouses in hand. You can pull off all kind of saree looks with these must have saree blouse design options.

must have saree blouse designs 600x526

1. A Floral print boat neck blouse

Long Sleeve Blouses for Kanjeevaram Sarees

How many blouses do you have for each Kanjeevaram saree? If you have one then you are a non-risker. If you have let us say one that comes with the saree and one as a contrast or a spare then yes way to go. If you are not that someone who does not wear a long sleeve blouse with a Kanjeevaram saree then please add a number 3 to your blouse list per saree. (The different ones). A long sleeve blouse is often worn with a designer saree but people shy away from teaming it up with a Kanjeevaram. Wonder why. Try out of these options. You will surely opt for more of these long sleeve blouses in the future.

full sleeve 600x476 full sleeves 600x476 long_sleeve_blouses long_sleeves1. Plain Blouse with Border