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6 Stunning Contrast Blouse Combinations for Kanjeevaram Sarees

When we decide to wear a Kanjeevaram saree we try not to disrupt the balance much. In other words we wear a blouse that has the colors of the saree or a gold blouse. For sarees that are of a single color with zari all over we stick to the saree color. For a change try out a contrast blouse. It will elevate the entire look. Here are some apt contrast blouse combinations for Kanjeevaram sarees.

1. Red and Blue

For a red Kanjeevaram which surely is a part of all wardrobes instead of a regular red pairing, try a blue blouse. Heavy work blouses, elbow length anything will work with the powerful contrast combination. The same thing will work for a deep blue saree paired with a nice red blouse.

6 Stunning Contrast Blouse Combinations for Kanjeevaram Sarees6 Stunning Contrast Blouse Combinations for Kanjeevaram Sarees 2. Purple and Orange

Designer Diaries- Sidney Sladen

When we talk about designers from South India and designers from Chennai one of the first names that pops into our mind is of Sidney Sladen. Sidney Sladen is one of those designers who just like his name “Slays” it by striking a great balance between traditional and modern looks and fabrics . This appeals the girls of today who are exactly like his designs. Modern but yet love the traditional stuff!

Designer Diaries  Sidney Sladen

The cuts and silhouettes that Sidney uses make his designs to die for. Be a simple crop top and skirt or an elaborate bridal concoction you can be rest assured that the design

Blouse Back Designs

Blouses can make or break the look of your beautiful saree. When you have a blouse of a great fit then rest assured you are going to rock the event that day. When you are getting a blouse stitched there are various ways in which you can design the back of the blouse each adding glam in its own way. Here are some fail proof blouse back neck designs that you can opt with all kinds of sarees.

1. Buttoned Back 

For all you high neck fans adding some pretty bobs and buttons be it big or small pearl buttons makes your blouse quite fancy. It looks great even if you want to try a racer back or a closed neck or even a sheer back. Try adding cloth buttons or take fabric from saree to make those matching buttons!

Blouse Back Designs Blouse Back Designs2. Sheer back with embroidery

Black Sarees That Every Woman Should Have in her Wardrobe

Black is a very powerful color. There are people who always have an all-black wardrobe. When it comes to sarees we do not incline a lot towards black as it is considered inauspicious by some people and instead go for bright, cheery colors. As much as you need bright colored sarees these black sarees will make a stunning impact when you wear them.

1. Black Kanjeevaram Saree

A Kanjeevaram saree is a part of every wardrobe. Black Kanjeevarams are not the norm as these make an appearance mostly in functions where black is shunned. This will change once you look at these lovely black Kanjeevaram sarees. Paired with colors like neon pink, green or even plain heavy zari black Kanjeevaram sarees will look rich when worn for weddings.

Black Sarees That Every Woman Should Have in her Wardrobe Black Sarees That Every Woman Should Have in her Wardrobe2. Black Ikkat Saree

Classic Kalamkari Sarees

Kalamkari sarees give you this elegant and classy feel when you see it. Its unique print and design is known for across the world and is done on natural fabrics. There is huge history behind this which makes it all the more a must have.

Classic Kalamkari Sarees


Originally Kalamkari refers to a method of painting natural dyes onto cotton or silk fabric with a bamboo pen or kalam. The name Kalamkari translates as a pen(kalam) work(kari) in Hindi or Urdu, and was most likely derived from trade relationships between Persian and Indian merchants as early as the 10th century CE.

1. Full print Saree