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The Breezy Must Have Pastel Shade Lehengas For Every Bride To Be

Our dearest brides to be, this one is for you. When you start planning your lehenga shopping be it the ceremony lehenga or be it for your pre wedding festivities or be it for your precious trousseau, what are the colors that come to your mind? If you are thinking red, maroon, deep blue, emerald green then well, You need to read this, close your eyes and start thinking again. Now when you close your eyes, think pastels. Pale pink, peach, mint green, pale blue, baby green. The pastel shade lehengas have made a grand entry and they have to make an entry into your hearts and your wardrobe ASAP.

pastel shade lehengas 1 600x500 pastel shade lehengas 2 600x500

We normally tend to move toward traditional colors like deep red for lehengas. However

Angelic White Designer Sarees

Designer sarees as you all know is a must have. Normally the preferred colors range from black to red and also options like pink rule the choices. Another absolutely must have color option in your wardrobe to call your designer saree collection “complete” is an angelic white designer saree.

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A white designer saree is a great addition to your wardrobe. You can pick the one with heavy work or even the much lighter ones. Both would look fabulous on you. That is the

The Pink Bridal Kanjeevaram Saree Which Makes You A Princess

When you were growing up, surely you wore a lot of pink as that obviously symbolized that you were a princess. So when you got older and wanted to start a beautiful new phase in life why would you not pick a pink bridal Kanjeevaram saree? Pink bridal Kanjeevaram sarees are one of the latest trends that is making a lot of modern brides go for it when compared to the traditional red and maroon.

pink bridal kanjeevaram saree 4 600x456pink bridal kanjeevaram saree 3 600x456 Also the rise of a lot of thematic weddings makes pink an easy theme to follow including

How Can Your Love Story Rule Your Wedding Attire

For each bride her wedding is a second fairy tale episode of her love story. For this fairy tale wedding one of the highlights is your wedding dress. Be it a Kanjeevaram saree or a lehenga or a beautiful gown it is a treasure that has to be safe kept after the big day too.  If you are one such bride to be who wants her wedding attire to be as unique as your love story then you should check this out.

FI lovestory wedding attire 600x453

1. Love Story Creations by Koecsh

Trend Alert!! Animal and Bird Motif Saree Blouses

Dear ladies, if your designer or tailor has been suggesting you to stop on the flower embroidery on your saree blouses and start off with animal and bird motif, trust us you have found a gold mine. Animal and bird motif on saree blouses have swept in and stolen the thunder. Everyone we see has these done on their blouses. Let us help you with a few ideas.

animal bird motif blouse designs 600x538

1. Animal Motif Blouses