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5 Latest Back Neck Designs for Salwar Kameez and Anarkalis

One of the most desired Indian outfits among women and young girls is salwar kameez and anarkalis. This Indian outfit suits every body type and hence it’s the first choice of every woman. The latest back neck designs for salwar kameez and anarkalis makes this outfit even more stunning. In this blog post we are sharing some latest salwar kameez back neck designs, have a look:

salwar kameez and anarkali back neck designs 2017

1. Round Back Neck with Tassels

7 Trending Blouse Designs for Pattu Sarees

Pattu sarees in it selves hold an ancient charm and royalty which makes them look extremely beautiful. The grace of silk sarees increases when they are paired up with the trending blouse designs for pattu sarees. This traditional saree gets a contemporary touch when it is teamed up with latest silk blouse designs. In this blog post we will share some stunning silk saree blouses which you can try and get a different look in a pattu saree.


Button Row Back Silk Saree Blouse Designs

7 Latest Designer Blouses 2017

These days every woman looks out for latest designer blouses. There are so many sources to get latest blouse designs inspiration like TV serial, celebrity fashion magazines and blogs. The fact is that the beauty of a saree can be increased ten times if it is paired with the right blouse design. Here let’s have a look at 7 latest designer blouses 2017 that you can team up with your saree and shine like a diva.

latest designer blouses 2017Fringe Saree Blouse

6 Must Have Saree Blouse Designs for Diwali

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of India which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Women mostly wear traditional sarees on Diwali. Young girls also love to flaunt their designer sarees on Diwali.  The grace of the saree doubles up when it is paired with a beautiful blouse design. The power of a stunning saree blouse design is such that it can make even a simple saree look beautiful. If you are looking out for latest blouse designs for Diwali sarees, then here we are listing few options for you:

Golden Blouses for Sarees

The trend of contrast blouses are IN these days. Having a golden blouse in your closet can provide multiple benefits to you as they can be paired with most of the sarees. Golden blouse looks good with red saree, green saree, pink saree, blue saree etc. If you have yet not decided about your Diwali saree, still you can go and get a beautiful golden blouse.

golden-blouse-designs-diwaliPearl Embellished Saree Blouse for Diwali 

8 Latest Trends in Blouse Designs

Sarees are every woman’s first love as this outfit can never go wrong for any type of occasion. Mostly in weddings women prefer teaming up sarees with beautiful wedding blouse designs. These days more focus is given to the saree blouse designs and the saree is mostly kept simple. The contrast color blouses, kutch work blouse, floral print blouses looks good with sarees. If you have any wedding to attend soon and you are looking for the latest wedding blouse designs then here we are listing few of them for your reference:

Kutch Work Blouse

This is a beautiful ancient Indian art which includes embroidery designs with bright color threads. To make it look more attractive the kutch embroidery is combined with mirror work. The kutch work blouses are quite trending these days and looks beautiful when teamed up with plain or border saree.

wedding-saree-blouses-kutch-workFloral Saree Blouse